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It takes approximately 80 days for watermelons to go from seed to edibility. In some climates, and for some types of watermelon, a few more days may be necessary. There is a curly, tendril, just opposite the vine and melon junction, which will be dried and withered when the melon is ready to pick. After picking the melons they can be stored in a cool place but not for long. Melons have a short life span after they’re plucked.

Plumbers – Whether you want a new boiler installing or something needs fixing, it’s always worth including few reliable and trustworthy plumbers in your address book.

Make sure your plants are always evenly spaced by turning your rake or shovel handle in to a measuring stick. Simply lay a yardstick next to your shovel and copy the markings to the handle with a permanent marker. The next time you’re ready to put in new plants all you’ll need is your shovel.