Choosing Perennials For Your Garden

Clean your garden regularly. Make sure that your garden is weeded on a regular basis. Also make sure to get rid of the dead plants. Dead plants house a lot of these insects that you don’t want in your garden. Cleaning your garden will also keep it looking healthy and beautiful.

The first thing that needs to be done is assess the area where the greenhouse will be. If there is not that much space in putting a free standing version, then perhaps attaching the greenhouse to the home is a good idea.

First things first, you have to make sure that you have the land to plant on. If you have concrete or tile floors all over your pool, then there is a lot to be done. Get a friend or better yet, a tile contractor to help you remove the surface from the ground. This may take a day or two. If you really want a garden despite of this then you have to be patient. Work hard and you will surely arrive at the things that you want.

Why is this one of our vacation safety tips? Because these little critters can be a nasty safety issue when you vacation here and get bitten by one of them.

Water your land prior to planting. This will prepare your land for your seeds. Give it a little love honey. It will give love back to your plants. Do this a day before you plant.

The seminars are a big draw, of course. This year features lectures on koi ponds, native pollinators, chicken keeping, wildlife friendly backyards, bats, garden insects, birds, plantings for birds, and finally, local gardening celebrity Phyllis Stephens presents “All Creatures Great and Small, Gardens for All”.

Many people advise turning watermelons as they grow so that the bottom of the watermelon doesn’t rot. That works in some cases, but more often than not, the turning of the watermelon causes the end of the vine to snap in two. After that, of course, the watermelon is history. Instead of attempting to turn the melons again and again set them up on a small, wooden pallet. A large, flat rock is also sufficient to keep the watermelon off the ground as it grows.

Try to grow only as much as you can use in your garden. After eating fresh vegetables, storing, freezing, and giving away to friends and family there is only so much that a person can use. Do not plant fifty tomato plants unless a vegetable stand is in your future because all those tomatoes will rot on the vines and will not be used.