Massive Figures Sale Part 2

November 10, 2013 | Author: | In: Anime Blogs, Figures, Merchandise

So continuing on with my massive figures sale, we’re now heading into the 1/8 territory. It’s kind of amazing when going through my collection and realising how large it is. But as large as it is, it’s time for them all to go to good homes. So hit the jump to check out what else I have for sale.

With all my figures, they are in mint condition and have either been in storage, or kept in a glass cabinet dust free or with very little dust and out of sunlight. Also I will not take photos of the figures outside their boxes. You can see pictures of them by searching here:

Just to note with this sale:

  • All prices are listed in Australian dollars. Prices DO NOT include shipping.
  • This sale will be open to both Australians and Internationals
  • If the buyer is Australia, direct deposit is preferable. Cash is also an option upon pickup. Internationals will have to use Paypal.
  • When placing a comment. Please indicate whether you are a local or international buyer. You can contact me via Twitter or by emailing me at adun [at] as well

Don’t forget to checkout my other for sale posts:

Max Factory Asaba Ureshiko – $50

Kotobukiya Silvia Aizet + Ellene Silvana – $40 for both SOLD
Note: will not sell separately

Max Factory Sawatari Makoto – $60 SOLD

Kotobukiya Katsura Hinagiku swimsuit version – $35 SOLD

GSC Unity May – $100

Alter Yagyu Jubei – $80

GSC Midarezaki Kyouka – $70

Kotobukiya Aty – $25 SOLD

Solid Theater Maid no Onnanoko – $15 SOLD

Alter Hazuki dress version – $20

Max Factory Sakaki Mizuki – $30

GSC Shingyouji Mao – $30

GSC Misora Lucy Maria – $30

GSC Corticarte Apa Lagrange – $50

Alter Juujou Shion – $10 SOLD

Kaiyodo Himekuri Image Girl white ver – $15

Chara-Ani Iriya Kana – $20

Kotobukiya Minase Nayuki – $10
Note: peg at base has snapped for one leg. Also slightly leaning

Kotobukiya Kamio Misuzu – $25 SOLD

Megahouse Cure Black + Cure White – $80 SOLD
Note: will not sell separately

Alter Akiyama Mio – $50 SOLD

Alter Nakano Azusa – $50

GSC Fumiko O.V – $40

Max Factory Feena Fam Earthlight – $50

Kotobukiya Yukizuki Sumino – $50 SOLD

Orchid Seed Nao Adventure version – $30

Alter Reinforce Zwei – $80

Chara-Ani Ren – $40 SOLD

Kotobukiya Kawazoe Tamaki – $20 SOLD

Kotobukiya Kawazoe Tamaki Wonder Festival 2008 Version – $20 SOLD
Note: this is unopened. The difference from the regular version is an alternate colour scheme

Wave Hiiragi Kagami & Tsukasa – $15 SOLD

Megahouse Punit Collection Suigintou – $20

That covers Part 2. There will be a Part 3 and most likely a Part 4 that are yet to come. So keep an eye out for those.

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May 26th, 2014 at 5:48 am

I’m interested in Kotobukiya Minase Nayuki – $10.
Can you send me an e-mail, please?

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