Miscellaneous Anime Merchandise sale

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OK guys this is the last category posts before the main event. In this post is a bunch of random anime/game merchandise that don’t fall into any specific category such as keychains, pencilboards, clearfiles etc. So hit the jump to check them out.

Just to note with this sale:

  • All prices are listed in Australian dollars. Prices DO NOT include shipping.
  • This sale will be open to both Australians and Internationals
  • If the buyer is Australia, direct deposit is preferable. Cash is also an option upon pickup. Internationals will have to use Paypal.
  • When placing a comment. Please indicate whether you are a local or international buyer. You can contact me via Twitter or by emailing me at adun [at] moemoerabu.net as well

Don’t forget to checkout my other for sale posts:

CLANNAD movie pack – $15 SOLD
Comes with mousepad, double sided scenario backdrop, character popouts, clearfiles, and manila folder to store it all

CLANNAD postcard collection – $15 (Kyoto Animation store exclusive) SOLD
Fate clearfile – $3
Inukami clearfile – $3
To Heart 2 Manaka clearfile – $3
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu clearfile – $5 SOLD
Note: clearfiles are double sided.

Planetarian Light Novel – $5
Planetarian Visual Novel + Illustration Book – $10 SOLD

Planetarian Wallscroll – $25 SOLD
Udonge Wallscroll – $10 SOLD

Asakura Nemu pencilboard – $3 SOLD
Kazami High School Council armband (from Da Capo II) – $5 SOLD
Da Capo poster collection (A3 size) – $10 SOLD

Note: close up pics of the small items can be provided upon request

Beyblade tin lunchbox with 4 badges – $5
ARIA tin lunchbox – $12 SOLD
ARIA pin cushions + basket (Maa-kun + Aria-shachou) – $8 SOLD
Aria-shachou squeeze figure (kind of like a stressball) – $5 SOLD
Evangelion Business Card case – $5 (Eva store exclusive)
Naruto stamps (Naruto + Sasuke) – $4 SOLD
Beyblade CD – $2
Rurouni Kenshin Best Theme Collection CD – $2
As Sekiria CD – $3 (case has a crack on the front) SOLD
The Gentlemen’s Alliance Diary – $3 SOLD

RX-78-2 Gundam MG Ver.2 kit + paint – $30 (unknown if paint is useable)
Evangelion Unit 0 HG kit – $10 SOLD

Naruto Konoha forehead protector – $5 SOLD
Shugo Chara Humpty Locks, Key, and Egg – $5 SOLD

Note: close up pics of the small items can be provided upon request

Asakura Nemu (Da Capo) strap – $4 SOLD
Shirakawa Kotori (Da Capo) strap – $4 SOLD
Kanon strap – $3
Kuze Kiriha (Fortune Arterial) keychain – $2
Code Geass figure straps – $2 for both SOLD
Mongoose (Nodame Cantabile) plush strap – $4 SOLD

Note: close up pics of the small items can be provided upon request

Various ARIA keychains – $2 each

Tomoyo After Game + Towel – $15 SOLD
Note: this is an adult game

Utamaru felt hat – $10
Archimedes felt hat – $10
Circus exclusive scarf (could only be obtained at Comiket if you lined up for the Circus booth) – $5 SOLD

Sendo Erika iPhone4 and 4s cover – $5 SOLD
Hello Kitty Purse – $10 (this is a McDonalds Japan exclusive item) SOLD

Hirake Goma! game – $15 SOLD
This is some kind of board game with the dice and playing board inside the box. This is a Comiket exclusive item and could only be obtained at the Visual Arts/KEY booth.

Shuffle Character Boxes – $30 for all 5 SOLD
Note: Will not sell separately

Katsura Hinagiku Towel – $15 (opened and taken out once)
Ibuki Fuko towel – $15 (unopened) SOLD

Little Witch clear poster – $5
Clannad desk mat – $15 SOLD
Fortune Arterial desk mat – $10

Kanon clear deskmat – $5
ARIA desk mat – $15 SOLD

Shana poster + clear poster – $25 (will not sell separately) SOLD

Various pencilboards – $3 each

Tsubasa Chronicle Piano Solo Album – $10
Utada Hikaru Best Collection for easy piano solo – $10

Gothic and Lolita Bible (includes patterns) – $10 SOLD

Necomimi – $60 SOLD
Slight battery wear inside, but in working order

Fate Hollow Ataraxia folding fan – $4

Fate Tiger Upper Colosseum Megamori Box – $40
Comes with PSP game, DVD, tarot cards, folder for tarot cards, and guide book. Edge of box is slightly faded. Everything is unopened except the game case. Played 3 times at most.

4 Responses to Miscellaneous Anime Merchandise sale



October 24th, 2013 at 9:18 am

I’m always amazed at the illustrations you post. They’re so calm and fit nicely with the post.

I’m broke, so I can’t buy anything from you, though. :(



October 24th, 2013 at 9:23 am

Well come back when you have money and see what is left. Depending on what you want, it may still be available.



October 30th, 2013 at 9:00 pm

Damnit man!

X-mas is in two months and I need to save my money! xD



October 30th, 2013 at 9:18 pm

You’re a hard man to get in touch with!! Was wondering if you want anything from my sale especially some of the older artbook stuff.

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