A review of 2011

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Hi everyone! I hope you have had a good Christmas and with only a short time until the New Year I think it’s time to look at what’s happened throughout 2011. So much has happened from the good to the bad, the amusing to stupidity, and some real learning over the year. So hit the jump to read on what has been happening over the past year.

Year 2011 I think would have to be one of my most busiest years yet! Hence why the lacking of posts throughout the year. The year started off well with me moving onto a new job after being stuck in a dead end job that gave me no opportunity to expand my skills in web development. This new job gave a insight into how fast a company can grow in terms of business and it’s capacity to meet the demands of the business. At a personal level I think it has taught me so much about how crap my development skills were. In my quest to further develop my PHP skills I was also introduced to the Magento e-commerce platform. From there I also started learning so much about frameworks and performance optimization. But I think the bigger benefit is that I work with a team who actually know their stuff. It’s actually good to know people who actually know what jQuery is!!

One of the goals I set for myself in 2011 was to lose weight. After going to Hong Kong in 2010 and being told I’m quite fat for an Asian, I decided to do something about it. At the start of the year I was coming close to being in the obese range according to BMI calculators. So the first thing I started to look at was my diet overall and cutdown on a lot of bad foods that I was eating. So this meant no more takeaway foods, no soft drinks, drinking more water, eating more fruit and vegetables etc. Trying a new diet, at first I didn’t see results and it was getting tough. But with sheer willpower I continued on this diet plan for 10 weeks and I could see the results. I also joined the local gym and started to do more exercise, something I haven’t done since 2009. So over the course of 2011 I have managed to lose 12 KGs. I feel much better than I did at the start of the year and I have managed to maintain my current weight as well. Though I still have another 6-8 KGs to go until I reach my ideal weight but 2011 will be a good one to remember.

Last year we saw the decline of anime merchandise purchases. 2011 however was a major change in my spending habits and I can be glad to say that I have given up the anime merchandise purchasing. I no longer purchase figures or random toys that I see online. The only thing that I continue to buy right now is manga as they are the only things that stave off my boredom on the train rides to work. I’ve also come to the realisation that I have too much stuff in my room and in storage. At the moment I’m sorting through a lot of it and plan to sell some of it off so do look forward to seeing a For Sale post in the coming weeks.

Although my anime merchandise spending has been cut completely, it doesn’t necessary mean I’ve stopped buying stuff. The year 2011 has also converted me into an idol fan!! Or to be more specific an AKB48 fan. Since seeing their theater performance in 2010 I was instantly hooked. But throughout 2011 I started to learn more about the idol group, listen to their songs on my iPhone, and watch a LOT of their TV shows thanks to help of my friend acq128. Kinokuniya has also started to stock a lot of the girl’s photobooks and magazines that I started buying those as well. Having went back to Hong Kong and Japan back in October this year, my entire merchandise budget was dedicated to idol goods. All I can say is that I spent quite a LOT on photos of AKB48 when I was in Japan in the space of 5 days of shopping. It would be close to $500AUD. It was at this point I can understand why Moyism is #foreverpoor.

With so many girls in AKB48, it was hard to choose a favourite. But as I started to learn more about the girls and seeing various shows, I finally found my favourite: Sashihara Rino!! I even bought her 2011 calendar and have stuck the posters up on my bedroom wall:

Being a Sasshi fan, and heading to Japan for the 4th time with comrades MrOptic and M, I did something that is quite out of my characters. I wrote a fan letter. I’m the type to usually keep my hobbies within boundaries, but given that I was heading to Japan in hope of seeing a theater performance again, and hearing about fans giving letters and presents, I thought I would give it a shot. So not only did I write a letter, translating to Japanese with the help of acq128, I also bought a present that represented Australia; a kangaroo plush toy. I managed to submit my letter and present at the theater, but whether Sasshi has received them I will never know.

I have been driving for a good 12 years now and I have good confidence in my driving skills. I have never had an accident even though I can drive quite spiritedly at times. But that clean slate came to an end after I had my first car accident. It was a bit of a shock and I can only guess this happened due to my lack of driving since I now take the train to work. But all is well and my car is now repaired!

Hitting 27 this year as well has made me rethink my priorities in life as well. I had a friend from China stay over with me earlier in the year, I came to realise a few things about myself and living here in Australia. For starters I’m starting to find living here in Australia very boring, not to mention expensive. I guess in a way I’m also having a very negative perception of Australia. From things such as public transport, Australian politics, and even our Australian society and way of life. Though I think it all starts with public transport, and for those who know me personally have heard my arguments about public transport which one day i will do a post about. So over the year I have been considering moving overseas for work to get a better understanding of the world and for my future. But more on that in another post.

As for both Mini and MrOptic, well they both have changed jobs and are busy with their own lives to post about anything really. Like me, they still watch anime and play games, but the BURNING PASSION would be a mere flame now compared to 2 years ago. Though one major acheivement by MrOptic is he is now a proud homeowner!! Something I should really look at doing soon in the future.

Well that mostly sums up the main points of 2011 for me. With the new year approaching it’s also time to again rethink a lot of things and what I should be doing. As for the state of Moé Moé Rabu, I can’t say for sure. I have considered just closing the blog off when the domain registration came about, but now it’s registered for another 2 years. I can only hope that I can post more in 2012, but if I do, it would be more life focused, or idol focused. At this point I don’t think you’ll be seeing anymore anime related posts now that my hobby focus has moved to idol groups. Still I do hope you continue to read Moé Moé Rabu in 2012, even if the posts come infrequently.

So have a Happy New Year and lets all wish for the best in 2012!!

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January 4th, 2012 at 12:58 am

Happy New Year mate!

I see you and optic have shifted interest a lot in these 2 years or so. Looks like there’s been a lot of ups and downs for you. Hope the future will be slightly better off for you, and I look forward to see you again soon!



January 14th, 2012 at 12:55 pm

About one’s country and politics – I think they’re bad everywhere, so you can exclude that one. ;) Though, we argue only verbally here.

As a domain owner, I don’t even think of not having it by now, even if I have almost nothing there at the time. You can always put different content, like you portfolio or something… given you don’t already have another one.

As a reader I’m happy you posted, and I personally won’t mind if you start blogging about an idol group. I read this blog more because it’s you writing rather than what you’re writing about. Well, the latter too, because it’s interesting to read. And reading about switching a lifestyle / hobby might positively affect my outlook on life.

Oh, and it’s nice to know that you got a satisfying(?) job! …I have to start looking for one, but I can’t bring myself to…

BTW “kilograms” are lowercase (“kg”).



January 14th, 2012 at 12:59 pm

Where’s the edit button?! I missed an “r”! Σ(゚口゚;

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