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The year has been a rather stressful year what with the daily grind, moving house, and the yearning for a much needed holiday. But to keep us on our toes another convention was just around the corner. SMASH 2010 was here!! So dusting off the camera, deliberating about which princess to take, and dragging my friend Roobar along, it was time to head to Town Hall once again. Hit the jump to check out some photos and thoughts of SMASH 2010.

I don’t quite remember when SMASH announced that they were holding it at Town Hall but I was quite apprehensive about it. Given that Animania used to be held here it was quite a bad experience due to low lighting, moving between floors, and general crowding. And despite the renovations of Town Hall being completed, I was right that Town Hall was not a suitable location. The true benefit of Town Hall would be the ease of access compared to UNSW Roundhouse, and the easy access of food when one hungers.

Arriving a little later than I usually do for a convention, it was just after 10a.m. that I arrived at Town Hall and there was a long queue for those paying at the door. It wasn’t too much of a deal as I’ve waited in longer queues before. But I’ve always known that SMASH lines move quickly. Prepaid line was practically empty as most people were already inside. Once inside there was only one place to head to, the ABJD table!

The two days before SMASH I had a hard time deciding which princess to bring with me. Eventually I decided on Mashiro as I haven’t had the chance to try out her other clothes set and with her ears and tail. Unfortunately I arrived a little late to find that the table was completely full. I only just managed to find a spot for her to sit. I would’ve been sad if I couldn’t have her displayed and I’m sure Mashiro would be sad as well.

So with like every other convention, I do the usual rounds of meeting and greeting people I know and didn’t take that many photos all up. At first I started and found that the upper floor where the main stage and artists were situated were way too dark for me to produce any decent photos. The lower floor is where the prime location to take photos was. Plenty of lighting but unfortunately a very busy area with many people going around the vendors spending their hard earned dollars. So in the end it was a very disappointing effort on my behalf and just bad lighting all around.

Upper Floor

Lower Floor

A lot of my time was mainly spent hanging around the ABJD table where we even had a little mischief going on:

But despite all the lighting issues and general lack of enthusiasm on my part, I did manage to take a few decent cosplayer pics and it was only until I checked my photos that most had turned out a lot better than I had thought when inspecting on the camera. And for those photographers, keep in mind I was shooting with a Canon 400D with a 24-105mm L f/4 lens, 580EX II Speedlite, and on ISO 400-800.

Definitely one of the best Luka cosplayers I’ve see at an Australian convention

For those who don’t know I’m a MASSIVE Reisen fan and deep down I was just estatic. I only wished I had taken a single photo of her but the thought never came to mind at the moment.

Overall it was a fun day but I still think that Town Hall wasn’t the best option of venue. At around 11:30a.m-12p.m they had officially stopped door sales sue to the overwhelming number of people attending. But this was not by choice as Town Hall does have a maximum capacity and SMASH had reached that. On the bright side it shows that SMASH as a convention is growing every year and it may even press future attendees to prepay for their tickets. But of course if this is to come true I would still probably just pay at the door. Though I must say that the best part of SMASH would be talking to everyone’s favourite person Alfred Man for a good 30 minutes.

Also this will be the final convention for my dearly loved 4 year old Canon 400D and the final convention for me for 2010. Animania Sydney is the next and last convention for Sydney 2010 and I won’t be attending. I shall be overseas at the time so look forward to posts of my cross Asia trip!

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August 10th, 2010 at 2:55 am

wow… you got them all out.. photos are nice as usual and ya… it was definitely a blast on the day XD



August 11th, 2010 at 4:48 pm

aww ur not coming to animania ):



August 14th, 2010 at 5:00 pm

You were able to get a photo from the upper floor yet you failed to come say hi to me.

I am disappoint.

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