Sydney Doll Fair 2009

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Having expanded my hobbies into the asian ball-jointed dolls realm I’ve come to discover that it is only a small portion of a larger picture. ABJD and dollfies are only a sub-section of the doll and bear world, and last week I headed to the Sydney Doll Fair that was held at the Blacktown Leisure Centre, Stanhope. I have been to one of these shows earlier this year but did not carry my camera with me at the time. So hit the jump to check out the photos.

The previous doll show I attended was held in Penrith and I went with my sister. I suppose at that time I was looking for a wingback chair for my Erika but I came to discover that there is so much more in these types of shows/fairs. Dolls and teddy bears are just another hobby, and although outside the otakusphere, it does have a slight appeal to it. Though I can’t say that I entirely like the look of some dolls, but teddy bears sure are cute and cuddly.

Although this time around I was planning on visiting by myself, but friends Roobar and Blox decided to join me since we had other things to do afterwards and the whole fair was a little bit of a shock to them. Another reason I came to this show was that ABJDs were making an appearance here with some members of The Faireground also attending. The following photos are from the ABJD display table.

Its actually kind of amazing how I’ve seen plenty of BJD over the years, but I can’t really distinguish the differences between them. Though I guess this is mainly because my interest are only for dollfie dreams but I’m sure one day I’ll come to know more about the different types of BJDs. Its also amazing to know that most of the clothes on the dolls here are handmade as well. Currently I’m looking at making some clothes for my Erika or perhaps my next dollfie which will most likely be a custom type that I’ll create myself. Also having a skill in sewing wouldn’t be too bad either.

Of course I checked out other sections of the Doll Fair as I thought I might find interesting items around.

Like I said before one thing I like is teddy bears. I suppose the reason for this is that my sister used to make teddy bears during high school and I enjoyed seeing what she could produce. Of course she doesn’t make them anymore. Plus during the days of wedding photography I saw a lot of paired bears such as the one seen above.

Even Barbie dolls were there. There were plenty of things to see at the fair although I couldn’t take too many photos as some store owners didn’t want me to take photos. Its understandable since a lot of things are handmade and they probably just don’t want people taking photos and then taking their ideas or designs. But with the ones that allowed me to take photos, they sort of gave that confused look of why is this young Asian guy taking photos of dolls and bears.

Although this is called a Doll Fair, you do tend to find some surprises and this was certainly a surprise. I didn’t expect someone to be there selling Hot Toys items. but when I think about it, this fair does include miniatures, and figures/toys could be classified as these as well. Still very cool to see the Iron Man MkIII in the flesh.

The fair itself isn’t very large. Inside the Leisure Centre it covered the two basketball courts and entry price was an easy $7. Roobar bought himself a chair for his Saber and I found myself a nice hat to give to Erika for $5. In the future I’ll probably still attend some of these events mainly to see if I can find any interesting clothes or accessories for me Erika. Though I probably can’t say the same for my friends Roobar and Blox.

On a side note, I decided to take the photos using ISO800 as ISO400 still proved to be an issue. I’m actually surpised that by using the 24-105mm L lens that the amount of noise is barely noticeable. Still I prefer if I had a better camera body.

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August 24th, 2009 at 11:14 am

dang i didn’t know this was on ><



August 24th, 2009 at 11:30 am

first thing that caught my eyes is Batman and Tumbler. The tumbler is so insanely huge.

valho’s last blog post..The Mysterious Bounty Hunter



August 25th, 2009 at 1:31 am

I liked the bear plushes more. ^^

phossil’s last blog post..Gordenette-hime patch



August 25th, 2009 at 9:01 am

megami: They way I found out was a huge billboard on the side of the road. Though I imagine you are quite busy these days?

valho: Indeed, I was like WTF when I saw the Tumbler.

phossil: Everyone loves teddy bears.


Shaun @ Reportage Wedding Photography

September 3rd, 2009 at 7:33 am

Love the batman models, will have to get one for me I mean my son!
Nice photos as well and I wouldn’t worry so much about the camera body as you are using one cracking lens and can’t see any noise on the pictures (they are small previews though).

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