Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season – 08

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It’s most unfortunate but Hayate now has to leave the Katsura household. I always wished this part in the manga went on for a bit longer and have some drama where Nagi found out Hayate was staying at Hinagiku’s house, but that’s just asking for too much. Also Hinagiku’s mum is really the best, suggesting to Hayate his “chance” to return the favour on Hinagiku’s birthday. It does seem like she wouldn’t mind having a HayatexHinagiku pairing, but that’s probably for her own agenda.


So most of this episode is about Shiranui introduced to the Sanzenin family and at least Tama gets some screentime once again. It’s always amusing to see Tama around getting up to some kind of antic and this time is no different with him trying to frame Shiranui. I don’t actually remember much from the manga but I’m not sure if Shiranui plays some kind of role in the manga other than Tama’s rival. But yes, seems to almost be an evil cat. Speaking of evil, I loved how Nagi referred to Maria as a witch as that came totally out of nowhere.

The 2nd half was all about Isumi goodness and OMFG her wearing normal clothes. However when seeing her wear normal clothes makes her look a lot younger by like almost 2 years. Its probably that whole cute childish nature of hers that makes it that way, but the weird thing is when she was in the bath she looked much more older. Go figure. Also random appearance of the trio was weird. With Isumi going to Sakuya for help with getting liked by cats was obvious the stuff that Sakuya suggested as a joke was really weird as well. By adding in the flaming potato I thought she was trying to make Isumi as the Statue of Liberty. Still she managed to get Isumi into normal clothes and a thumbs up on that job.

Well it’s still going to be a way’s away until we get to some of the really good parts and since Hinagiku’s birthday was mentioned, that’ll be coming soon.


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June 25th, 2009 at 2:14 am

Best part about this episode – “KEIKAKU DOORI”

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June 25th, 2009 at 11:14 pm

I knew Shiranui had an evil side. lol

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