Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S – 08

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Plenty of action put into this episode although it seems that most fighting style of spirits is beams. Unless that’s just how medium-high level spirits fight which is kind of boring. Also I was right about this episode revealing Corti’s past and frankly I’m surprised that she was one of the main players in the Foreigners of Grief as well as being contracted to the leader Kuchiba Kaoru. However it all does fit well given that she is a powerful spirit and the title she was given matches that. Also no surprising this comes from the bad guy’s mouth as well.


But it is understandable why Corti hid this fact from Phoron. Her fears of him hating her was probably something that has lingered in her mind for the 12 years that they’ve had the contract together and what she has done is against everything Phoron believes in. What I was surprised about was Phoron’s sudden forgiveness in Corti. I was expecting him to have doubts a little longer, but Phoron does what he does, and just accepts the Corti that he sees now. Plus you gotta love scenes like that between Corti and Phoron. Still I don’t think Phoron would ever come around to hating anything, let alone being annoyed.

We also finally see Corti transform into her true form after making up with Phoron but it seems that she is still only harnessing the powers of a 6-winged spirit. With the ongoing battle with the Foreigners of Grief its a matter of time till she releases her 8-wings. Though I’d imagine there’d have to be something drastic happening for her to do so and whether Phoron can support her to that level. Since there still is the blonde loli spirit left to deal with she also seems pretty strong compared to the other spirits. Also I’m still not sure what the Foreigners of Grief are still planning on doing once they acquire everything they need.

It’s only the 8th episode and there we’re only 2/3′s of the way through. I’m sure there’s still more plot to be revealed and more action to come.

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Kerry Le Blanc

February 22nd, 2014 at 10:37 am

I am curious about the number of wings she has, since how many a spirit has relates to power, and we know that founders had six, does that mean she’s even before their existence.

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