Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S – 06

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Well I’ve been hoping for an episode that focuses on the Yugiri sisters and this episodes delivers exactly that. Given that I have never played the visual novels before I didn’t really know all that much about the Yugiri sisters so it was certainly a pleasure to see their past, and more surprisingly what Prine actually is. I think it was important to show some kind of development for the sisters since I love them so much that it was kind of disappointing that they weren’t getting much screen time, but with their story of Prine being half human and half spirit also ties in with the whole human and spirit relationships.


Sibling love can be such a beautiful thing, especially if it’s between twin sisters. Just as they can understand one another and have strong bonds, it also means that they can break apart just as easily as well. It’s understandable that Perse felt betrayed by Prine due to her beliefs and to have that broken by her very own sister isn’t something to take light hearted. But in the end Perse came to understand that Prine is still her sister no matter what she is. Though now that their side of the story has been covered I do hope this isn’t the end of their screen time.

Corti was a side character for this episode but I find the amusing thing is that despite her being one of my top rated bishoujos, she can be quite the slob. From sleeping on the school roof and snoring to even cheering up Prine by getting her to make tea, but you haveto love that side of Corti. And although this was an episode focusing on the sisters, Prine didn’t get all that much screen time. Perse was the star. However I can’t lie that I was practically drooling when it came to Perse fanservice. Phoron you lucky bastard! Not to mention that Perse is voiced by Mizuki Nana just adds to that.

So by far this is my favourite episode of what I have seen so far, and we’re only half way.

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Riiana Doon

June 21st, 2009 at 6:12 pm

This looks interesting! Will definitely have to check this one out! The twin-tail blond looks like Maria in “Mariaholic”. Very similar.

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