Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season – 06

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Finally we’re onto the more juicy bits of the Hayate no Gotoku series in terms of Hayate’s relationship with the girls of the series. Of course that being the Hayate x Hinagiku side of things. But before all that, Nagi finally realises the embarrassing moment she had when Hayate saw her naked and didn’t want to see him for a while, thus he is kicked out of the Sanzenin mansion for three days. Still its always amusing to see Hayate’s misfortune with money since it also reflects his bad luck in general. But as always our debt-ridden butler is such a nice guy to give away his money to others.


So once again feeling the financial pinch, all is well in the world when none other than Hinagiku comes to the rescue. Though once brought to the Katsura household, I wasn’t sure which of the two I prefer: Hinagiku x Hayate little get togethers or Hinagiku’s mum who wants to dress Hayate up in Hinagiku’s clothes. So many lovable side characters in this series. Once you take a step back, seeing Hayate and Hinagiku together they seem so much like a normal boy and girl with their own troubles which is nice to see now and then. Even through school they seem so much more normal, like they were good friends.

I remember the part of the manga where Maria dressed in the school uniform, and seeing it again is pure gold. Adding in the glasses and OMFG Maria hotness overload. I think I’d like to see more Maria in glasses and whatever other clothes other than her maid uniform. It sort of reminds me of episode 35 of the first season where we saw Maria in casual wear. I also love how Maria realises that her disguise is working to some extent to Hayate and that she now wants to tease him.

Still there’s many more doki doki moments to happen in the next few episodes where Ayumu is involved.


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May 29th, 2009 at 2:20 am

Hina. <3

Her mother is surprisingly younger than one would imagine. Very nice mom too. MILF-ness.

Also Maria meganekko. <3

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