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In most series of this type, I usually root for the main heroine, however in Tayutama I found myself oddly attracted to Ameri. It could be because of my infatuation with 2D girls with purple hair, but its most likely her tsundere nature towards Yuuri. Obviously she is quite jealous of the relationship between Yuuri and Mashiro, but she still can’t bring herself to admit that she loves Yuuri as more than a childhood friend. But what I love more is her little spats or tantrums because they can be quite cute at times.


At least I understand the relation between Ameri and one of the Three Strongest, they just happen to posess her. Of course the scene at the start shows that Ameri has some connection to reptilian creatures hence why this one was attracted to her and how she has some kind of high spirit power level. It will probably be a while until Yuuri and Mashiro figure out what’s going on as we still have one more tayutai to be introduced, which will probably posess Yumina.

And so it seems that the next episode will be about Yumina. Thus Ameri takes a backseat in the next episode. I’m going to guess we’re going for an all round finish towards the end with Mashiro and Yuuri defeating the other two tayutai, but I could be wrong and they go by the character by character route like all game turned anime series. Still, I want to see more cute moments.


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June 20th, 2009 at 3:24 am

Ameri belongs to the Nemu archetype – a well-loved class of bishoujos for tanuki. Due to their relations with the male protagonist, they’re unable to be honest with their feelings. Tsundere and jealousy realises – 2 elements that can really spice up romances. Like yourself, I like Ameri very much too and I’m counting her to mount a credible challenge for Mashiro even if we already know the outcome. XD

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