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The mysterious Christmas angel of victory

Who knew that a Christmas party could get so awkward. That’s what happens when you mix age groups, I guess.

Like peas in a pod

The sisterly love that the Hirasawa sisters displayed was amazingly sweet and almost sent me into insulin shock. Yui and Ui do look out for each other – admittedly from what I’ve seen Ui is pulling most of the weight, though Yui does her part in her usual air-headed way. Yui’s gift of a “white Christmas” was rather charming and a very kid-like thing to do.


Christmas wouldn’t be same without a party, so Ritsu organises an impromptu one for the music club. Will we ever find out just how many houses, mansions, and villas Tsumugi’s family own? Even in this festive environment, Ritsu’s still keeping a level head and invites Nodoka as well, on the hidden agenda of “mo’ peeps = mo’ money”.

When you’re this filled with angst, you don’t need to diet

Sawako gatecrashes the Christmas party and, predictably, Yui is the one to wonder aloud why their advisor isn’t out on the town with a significant other. That’s right, our resident ex-rocker teacher is single and may be suffering from Christmas Cake Syndrome: the cake may be sweet and delicious, but no-one really wants any after the 25th. I honestly don’t know if this sentiment still holds water in these modern times, but at least you’ve gained a bit of trivia.

Best. Christmas. Ever.

Even when Sawako snaps and makes the exchange of presents a rather excruciating affair, Tsumugi is having the time of her life. Apparently she’s so bound by her family’s affairs, or that she doesn’t get out much, that the very act of gift swapping is miles ahead of anything she’s ever done for Christmas. Along with never having sampled fast food before, I’m surprised Tsumugi isn’t chaufeurred to school every day.

Presenting our new act: The Weight Gain Sisterhood

Fast-forward to the new year, and the gang are at a local shrine to pray for good fortune. Yui shows off her excellent metabolism, much to the consternation of Mio and Tsumugi who need to work off their Christmas food. Fun fact: I have a rather Yui-like metabolism, and just by typing this I can feel Adun’s stern stare from many kilometres away.

Concerts before cake, silly girl!

Ritsu continues to assert her leadership by cajoling the others into praying for the band’s success. She’s also not above laying the smack down on a food-centric Yui. Incidentally, the reason for Mio wearing the kimono is slightly different in the manga; it was more of trickery by omission – “Did you hear me say that I’d wear it too?”

Skipping the obligatory Ritsu pic because cheeky Sawako is pretty worthy

Editorial: I had my reasons for delaying this update. Like getting back into WoW raiding after a hiatus of a few months (Death Knight tanking owns). And levelling a Paladin in instances (Holy tree owns). And watching Star Trek at the cinema again.

Look, I didn’t say they were good reasons.

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May 22nd, 2009 at 9:52 am

“Fun fact: I have a rather Yui-like metabolism”

Same here. Many ppl asked me to eat more and I keep explaining the logic where I don’t gain weight no matter how much I eat. My sister gets jealous sometimes. lol

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May 22nd, 2009 at 2:22 pm

“The sisterly love that the Hirasawa sisters displayed was amazingly sweet and almost sent me into insulin shock.”

Same here. That had to be the sweetest few scenes that I’ve seen this entire year and last year.

After this very enjoyable episode, I can say that I look forward to K-ON episodes every week almost as much as Phantom and Hayate now.

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May 22nd, 2009 at 3:52 pm

hehe… just gotta love the sister yuri love XD

but dunno if yui is really a baka or not… she can sure remember and notice details tat ppl dont usually pick up… and noes the right time to say them as well

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