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There is only three words needed to describe this episode: panties, tentacles, and lolis. Never did I thought that this series could dulge itself into such things given how cute everything is, but knowing that the main heroine is old fashioned and wants to mate with the main guy I should have known better. Still I was amused at Mashiro’s amazement over the variety of panties that she could chose and would still prefer to go without, and here we have Ameri trying to put some modern day sense into our dear deity.


Still this episode did have us introduced to another new girl and I can honestly say it was unexpected that one of the 3 strongest tayutai ended up being a loli. At least it explains the other girl that we see in the OP sequence as well as the the girl with Mifuyu in the ED sequence but I do wonder if she can grow up over night just like Mashiro did. Though the idea of Nue (the loli) stealing panties because she wanted to try something cute is again something that I should have expected but it seems to make me lose a few brain cells as well.

The other focus of this episode would have to be on Mifuyu. She learns that she shouldn’t judge people based on their hobbies and because of that she knows she was rude in being so. The other thing is that even though she is the Student Council President, she still wants to be in charge of any situation, even those relating to tayutai. That’s probably just how she is given she is at the top of Flawless and I’m hoping that her bond with Nue will soften her as the series goes on. Now that she also realises how rude she was to Yuuri, hopefully she’ll also start warming up to him as another rival for Mashiro and Ameri.

So only two major tayutai left to be revealed and it seems next episode Ameri gets involved with one of them.


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May 19th, 2009 at 9:03 pm

So far, this is going pretty weirdly; normally, they dealt with Ho-Ou first, then Seiryu, then Nue. I think they’ll be fast-forwarding through all the routes for the heroines, but end it with Yuuri and Mashiro.

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