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With the three days and three nights of Kyoto over, it was time to head back to Tokyo once again where I will stay for the rest of my trip. There was only a few days till Comiket74 but there were some things to do beforehand that would surely keep me busy enough. Some of these things include mailing off packages and going of to Gundam Expo. Hit the jump to read more.

10th August

It’s actually rather sad that it’s only 10 days into the trip and I’m already heading back to Tokyo. But there’s not much else I can do since that was how the itinerary was planned. The day started with us packing up our bags and checking out of the ryokan. When we first arrived we found that carrying the bags up the narrow stairway was bad, but I can certainly say that carrying the bags down the stairway was probably a lot more dangerous. What is it with Japanese and cramped areas? Arriving at Kyoto JR Station, we booked our tickets for the shinkansen, though all of us had to be in separate sections due to most of the seats being booked out.

The ride on the Hikari type shinkansen took about 2.5 hours, but it gave me plenty of time to sit and write up some Japan posts whilst it was still fresh in my mind. Eventually we arrived back in Tokyo and at the same hotel that we stayed over a week ago. It was a rather tiring trip despite me sitting down most of the time but we had plans to meet up with our friends from Tamarket, in Akiba. Well there were good reasons to meet up with Tamarket again. For one I had to collect my Wonderfest goods off them as they kindly looked after them whilst I was on the other side of the country. But once again Tamarket had shown us around to some of the more hidden shops of Akiba that I never explored before. All I can say is that by the end of the shopping trip, I was once again down a few thousand yens.

Once all the shopping was finished, we headed off to a Post Office in Kanda so Tamarket could ship stuff off and then headed out to dinner. Last time they took us to shabu-shabu, this time it was a teppanyaki and okonomiyaki restaurant above Bic Camera in Yurakucho. Knowing the place had okonomiyaki didn’t go down well with me and my friends, but we went ahead with it anyway. Below is what we had in the course set:

The pictures turned out a lot more blurry than I thought. Though that maybe because the camera was not shooting in macro mode like I was hoping. I really wish my camera would stay at the settings I set them to when I turn it off. Still it was a wonderful dinner and it was great spending time with Tamarket who once again showed us up by how much a business can buy compared to any individual. And they showed me some great stores that I’ll remember for future trips to Akiba. So after dinner, we bid our farewells and headed back to the hotel for a night’s rest.

11th August

Since it was a rather hectic 10 days of Japan, it was time to take a rest from everything, thus this day for me was staying at the hotel. However after the trip to Akiba the previous day and picking up my Wonderfest loot, it was time to send out a package. Luckily for me, there is a post office only 3 minute walk from the hotel where I managed to buy a large box from. I also took the chance to get some breakfast at a Starbucks near the hotel. It certainly is different from Starbucks here in Australia. Heading to a convenience store to get some tape I headed back to the hotel. So putting all my experience from working as a night filler, I went to work at filling up the box with as many goods as possible without breaking anything.

Eventually I filled up the box with most of my Wonderfest goodies, but I still had plenty of other items left over which would be mailed back at a later date. Although I didn’t head back to the post office to ship as I was feeling rather lazy and had to wait for another friend to come back so I can get shipping details. After a while, two of my friends arrived back after a trip to Shibuya and my friend Roobar came back with something quite EPIC. I cursed him for buying one before me. He also bought a very large box from Tokyu Hands for shipping purposes.

So after a few hours of helping him pack up his box, we headed off to dinner. Now the hotel we stayed at had a number of restaurants in it, as you would expect from something classy. We all decided upon the Chinese restaurantas we all thought it would be interesting to try Chinese food, Japanese style (that sounds very weird doesn’t it?). The following pictures are the items we ordered:

Once again I forgot the camera wasn’t shooting in macro mode. Anyway the meal for me was pretty average, since I have lost the taste for Chinese food no matter where or how it’s cooked. Mainly due to my family having owned a Chinese restaurant before, but that’s a different story. However Roobar and I didn’t really feel all that satisfied with dinner. So we did the next option, go out and find some snacks and drink up! The best kind of snacks you can have after dinner? Yakitori of course!

12th August

This day was going to be a rather jam packed day. Similar to that of the ones of Osaka and Kyoto. The agenda for this day was Gundam Expo, which two of my friends randomly found out about on their wonder of Shibuya. Before heading out I mailed off my box of loot at the local post office and then headed out to Shibuya to meet up with fellow AnimeSydney member ACQ. I also invited Rin from Koi Aichaku to join us for the Gundam Expo instead of spending so much time in Akiba.

We arrived at Shibuya a little too early and were starving. Although not many food places were open so there was only one choice. McDonalds. But this gave us the opportunity to try out something that we saw on the menu since arriving in Japan: the Mega Mac.

Surely a Mega Mac can’t be any different than a normal Big Mac. But how I was wrong. All I can say is that I won’t be eating one of these burgers again.

I first met up with ACQ and whilst waiting for Rin at the Hachiko statue outside Shibuya station, the strangest thing happened to us. As we sat there, an old man came up to us speaking to us in Japanese and was directing questions to one of my friends. We all stared blankly as none of us knew what he was asking, and then out of no where he starts abusing my friend and walked off. About 10 minutes later whilst still waiting for Rin, he came back and talked to us again. Thankfully ACQ knew some Japanese and told the old man that we weren’t Japanese. Eventually the old man understood and apologised and walked off. Most random thing EVER!

Rin eventually turned up with a friend of his, we exchanged greetings, then made our way to Ikebukuro Sunshine City for the Gundam Expo. It took us a little while to find where it was exactly being held but we eventually got there. I wouldn’t exactly say I’m a huge Gundam fan, but I still enjoy it as much as any fan.

Upon walking in, you are greeted by arather large RX-78-2 Gundam as well as various bits and pieces about Char and Amuro. It felt like walking through history. Along the way there were many other large gundam displays that would’ve made any gundam fan squeal with excitement. I think the best part at the start for me was seeing the large Zaku head once again as I saw it at the Bandai Museum before they closed down.

When I laid eyes upon the large Zeta Gundam, I just drooled in it’s awesomeness. In case some of you don’t know, Zeta Gundam is my most favourite Gundam of all. I wonder if it could also transform, and if it could, that would be the best thing at the Expo. At this point, I wasn’t even halfway through the expo itself.

The figure of Lacus above was apparently no photos allowed. But its a good thing for me being a gaijin and I managed to sneak one in before actually being told no photos allowed. If I remember correctly this figure was about ¥12,000?? Still it’s pretty cheap compared to other things I have bought on this whole trip. Plus it was a really beautiful figure.

Of course what kind of Gundam Expo would it be without some Gundam 00 around. And I can certainly say there wasn’t any shortage of Gundam 00 things around. Also watched the second season preview there but wasn’t really sure if I should be excited about the second season. Meh I’ll still probably watch it anyway. By the end of the Expo there were UFO catchers, which my friends again wasted money on….. but then so did I. There was also a store setup at the end and two of my friends ended up getting the limited edition Gundam that is only available at Gundam Expo. Though I forgot what it was.

Check out other coverage reports of Gundam Expo 2008 at Koi Aichaku and at nekoguchi.

Once we all gathered together once again we started to feel rather peckish. So stopped off at Johnathon’s, which is a family restaurant chain in Japan. However thanks to the Mega Mac earlier, I wasn’t feeling too hungry so I opted for just a sundae. So far my whole trip I haven’t had the chance to eat strawberry sundaes. So I settled for a mango sundae.

Of course the day was still early and since we were in Ikebukuro there was only one thing left to do. Explore Otome Road! Although I’m not too phased about this since I came here on my own before but I never went into the Mandarake there before. It was rather amusing as the moment I walked through the door, there were plenty of eyes upon me, giving me that stare like that I don’t belong there. A few comrades realised where we were and made a hasty escape whilst I helped out Rin with his list. After hitting up K-Books and spending money once again, we headed back to the hotel as it started to rain.

A few hours of rest it was time for dinner. Again we didn’t feel like going all that far and we were in the mood for sushi. Luckily there is a sushi restaurant as a part of the hotel. So heading there I was certainly surprised at the level of class the place had. We each grabbed a chef selection set which comprises of 12 pieces of sushi.

Every piece was just sublime. You can’t this kind of sushi back home and this certainly shines over the sushi I had back in Osaka and Kyoto. Each of us could only pick out what we ate but none of us knew which was o-toro sushi (fatty tuna). So this is what we did:

We ordered a plate. Really I could keep eating this stuff as it melts in your mouth. Continuing to look at the menu to order one more plate, we were curious to try out only just the expensive dishes, and the next most expensive other than o-toro was arkshell. I’ve never heard of arkshell before so we ordered a plate:

The taste was something different for me, yet I can’t seem to describe it. No doubt it was delicious, but I surely didn’t have a craving for more. By the end of the meal, we were also served soup as a complimentary item, probably because we were hotel guests. So after 12 days in Japan the trip was still going strong and there were plenty of things for us to do and for us to eat. As well as much more to spend. Stay tuned for more posts about my Japan trip.

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September 4th, 2008 at 9:15 pm


maybe Hoya?ホヤ written in katakana for some reason

look down at culinary….
sounds of the taste doesn’t seem so appealing and neither does it look so great when its in the shell XD

great pics hope u can tell whats o-toro now :D



September 4th, 2008 at 9:34 pm

Ah, the great food. Lol at the randomness of that old man, maybe you looked Japanese to him. That would actually be a compliment. :p



September 4th, 2008 at 10:23 pm

Love this post. All the food is making me salivating controllably.

Maybe it’s the camera, but the Mega Mac’s color doesn’t look too healthy to me. haha.

BTW, are food expensive at Japan? How much did you pay for those gourmet meals?

And of course, the gundam pics are amazing.

bakaneko’s last blog post..Strike Witches 9: or Macross Frontier 21



September 4th, 2008 at 11:11 pm

Great food pics…the Mega Mac looks downright freakish though. What are those little yellow things skewered? I can’t really tell. :(

Caitlin’s last blog post..Pizza Hut Japan 2



September 4th, 2008 at 11:26 pm

acq128: I really can’t remember the name in Japanese as it had it written on the menu. But I can say that I would definitely prefer o-toro over arkshell.

Panther: Actually I’ve been mistaken as a Japanese person many times so far. I don’t know why. Must be the clothes or something.

bakaneko: Depends on how much you like Big Macs normally. Food in general in Japan can be cheap, can be expensive. It purely depends on how much luxury you want to delve yourself into. The bill for the sushi in total for four people was just over ¥20,000. Of course you pay good money for good food.

Caitlin: Those are ginko nuts if I recall correctly. Well some kind of roasted nuts and it tasted pretty good with alcohol.



September 5th, 2008 at 12:25 am

“I eventually turn up”
Well, I went through the wrong exit…
Anyways, it was a great time we had.
That sushi you had looks yummy!!!!!!!!

Rin’s last blog post..Figure Pick Winner…Shoot Coming Soon!!!



September 5th, 2008 at 6:14 am

Mmm, the food looks so good.

That Lacus figure looks beautiful. It’s a good thing you got a picture of her! >:3

Larein’s last blog post..Sac-Anime Aug 08 Day 3



September 5th, 2008 at 5:06 pm

Oh my that’s a big burger. But while you’re away at the Land of the Rising Sun, here Hungry Jack’s in Aust. has released a new burger…Dang 4 pieces of beef and 4 slices of cheese, it’s insane.

I want that Mango Sundae, why don’t they have those kinds of dessert here?

Hooray, you have fulfilled Haruhi’s dream of eating otoro. Looks delicious.



September 6th, 2008 at 9:39 pm

…why all the nice foods…

I had to put up with supermarket bento for the whole 2 weeks and still broke. :P ..not that I regret anything though.

danie~’s last blog post..Japanese PS3 IS multi voltage..



September 9th, 2008 at 9:58 pm

How hard/easy is it to book a ticket for the Shinkansen?

All the dishes look delicious~ if I could try just a portion of them I would be happy x3

I would go to the Gundam expo, and then bug my brother with countless questions, huhuhu~ How long was/is the event? And I love the Lacus figure, she’s probably my favourite female character in all the Gundam series I’ve seen so far.

Koshiko’s last blog post..Update: SMASH! and Animania reports coming soon



September 10th, 2008 at 12:05 pm

danie~: I’m more surprised that you and ron~ decided on staying at a place without aircon.

Koshiko: Booking a ticket on the shinakansen isn’t hard. If you have the JR pass just goto a Ticket Office and book there. Most people can understand a little English and as long as you know where you want to go it’ll be fine.

The Gundam Expo ran for a number of days and I went on the first day. Expos tend to run for a week as there were other expos being held at the same time.



September 10th, 2008 at 2:43 pm

What’s wrong with the Mega Mac? Isn’t it just a Double Big Mac?


And gingko nuts are delicious.


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Sakura Chan

November 5th, 2008 at 7:10 pm

Thanks for the pics of the Gundam Expo, I love to go there one day, but doubt I have the chance… I went to the one in Hong Kong though, but it isn’t as awesome as the Tokyo one XD

@Derek – double big mac has 4 big mac meats, the mega mac has 2… dont know what size they are but i know that it isnt made the same way as a regular big mac

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