World Destruction – 01

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Opening Sequence:


A fast paced song that seems almost technoish but rock/grunge at the same time. The OP sequence also shows us a little bit of action scenes that could possibly show us the quality throughout the series.


Over the years I’ve seen RPG turned anime series don’t exactly work out to be all that great *cough*hack//roots*cough*. They all just seem to slow paced and that have that edge in order to get me excited about the series from the start. The first episode of World Destruction isn’t like that at all, but I do have my doubts on whether this show will be any good at all. But the premise of the story does appear to work better than most where instead of saving the world, our heroes are out to destroy it. The first episode only introduces us to the two main characters, Morute and Kirie, and it sets up their stories well so far. We do get hints that Morute has her reasons for wanting to destroy the world and Kirie was able to get the Destroy Code to react to his presence.

At the start I thought it was pretty good how it’s humans against otherkin but with the addition of Toppi to the group, and him being a near cutesy bear, kind of ruins the group’s image. Kirie as I expected to be a pretty useless character but I’m sure we’ll see him become more useful as the series progresses. But the main character in my eyes would be Morute. 16 years old, smoking hot and wielding a large blade adds up to her being one of the best looking female characters this season. Not to mention she is voiced by Sakamoto Maaya.

Animation wise it feels pretty standard Production I.G style and we’ve only seen a bit of the action scenes. Hopefully we get to see more of it later on. One element that makes this an enjoyable episode was the occasional doses of humour which helps break up the action and the serious scenes. Though I’m guessing we’ll see most of it coming from Kirie until he can handle himself. For the time being I’ll keep watching World Destruction but not something I’ll blog about.

Ending Sequence:

ED: “Kaze no Kioku~to the end of the world~” by Aimmy

A more melodic song featuring all the members of the World Destruction Committee. Though that last scene of Morute and Kirie does give vibes of the two becoming partners though I don’t expect something like that from this series.


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July 14th, 2008 at 2:35 am

Though I originally wanted to watch this, I thought Kirie would be more of a cool guy who is rather forced to join a group. But then, lol, this is not too bad too. Definitely a watch this season for me.

Furries all ovar!

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