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Well everything ended just how I thought it would and pretty much ended how Otome and Yume’s routes ended. Though one thing is that they were able to combine the two pretty well that there wasn’t any conflict in presentation but it was also balanced. After two months of Yoshiyuki disappearing, we see that Otome and Yume are the only ones who remember him most likely because of their magic powers but also because of their deep bonds with Yoshiyuki. It wasn’t just with Otome and Yume, it was also with everyone else who could sense that they were missing Yoshiyuki and that was enough to bring him back.


However I would say that Otome was the one who was afected by Yoshiyuki’s disappearnace the most. Seeing how she wrote his name throughout the notebook is a little creepy, but also how she portrays herself as normal to others, but when alone, she breaks down. For two months she did have the strength to move on in her belief that Yoshiyuki will return and that she refuses to forget about him like everyone else has. Actually I find that strange how the roles between the sisters have switched again. Yume had thought about forgetting Yoshiyuki but in the end she knew that she couldn’t.

In the other series of Da Capo, the theme of magic not being able to bring happiness. But here we see Yoshiyuki brought back by magic to bring back the happiness for Otome and Yume as well as everyone else. Though technically I wouldn’t say it was everyone’s wish to bring back Yoshiyuki, but more it was their feelings and connections with Yoshiyuki is what brought him back and that it was Sakura’s wish to bring him back. Though I am glad that Sakura made one final appearance towards the end to help resolve everything once and for all. But with the way the sakura tree disappeared it just seems that her and Juniichi are now gone forever. I know in the game that there is an epilogue story for Sakura and it’s a shame we didn’t see it here.

Final Impressions

Since watching the original Da Capo series I’ve been a HUGE fan of it. When the Da Capo II game came out, it was some of the best days back then (well for a jobless person that is). Though when I heard of an anime adaptation I was over the moon. However the series did start off on a rather bad note with the first season covering mainly Koko and the Minatsu stories but it was necessary to get those stories out of the way before we delve into something much more deeper and what the essence of Da Capo is about.

One tanuki believes that DCIISS is the true successor to DC, and I couldn’t agree more. The choices Otome had to decide resembles similar to that of Sakura and having to give up her love to save her one true rival, Nemu. But in Otome’s case it’s saving the lives of everyone or saving the lives of her love. The emotions started pouring out for both Otome and Yume as they were powerless to do anything. However one difference is the outcome of the series. The underlying theme of magic can’t bring happiness was present throughout, but in DCIISS magic brought back everyone’s happiness through the feelings of everyone, rather than from the one person.

DCIISS has been somewhat of a rollercoaster, switching between one sister to the other, but there was a balance between the two that you could consider them as one whole package. This surely has made up for the first season but there was still a lack of Anzu and Nanaka’s stories entirely. The only thing I could hope is an OVA or something featuring Nanaka. What would be better is an OVA of DCII Imaginary Future where Nanaka is the main heroine. Well one can only hope. But now it looks like the DVDs is another item to add to the shopping list when I’m off to Japan in a few weeks. But now that DCII has come to an end, all I can say is bring on Da Capo III.

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July 8th, 2008 at 9:11 am

da capo’s shortcomings is mainly due to the lack of personality of the main male character. I really didn’t feel connected to him which make me really didn’t care who he end up with. At first, i was rooting for yume, but then i thought to myself, hmmm maybe she deserved better. So in the end, i was rooting against her hooking up with he oni-san. Hopefully in the next sequel, the main character would show more personality like the first da capo.



July 8th, 2008 at 9:32 am

DCIISS was good overall, but I can’t say it beats the original Da Capo anime for me, mainly because Yoshiyuki just lacks personality/emotion compared to Junichi, and because they failed to have Yoshiyuki pick either Otome or Yume in the end. By forgoing the romantic ending and just doing the cop-out ‘everything goes on like before’ end, I think it really hurts the overall enjoyment of the series, for me anyway. I can understand why they did it, to avoid annoying one faction or the other, but it’s still disappointing.



July 8th, 2008 at 4:53 pm

I agree about Yoshiyuki, he’s not the kind and loving person I expected him to be from the game. He just takes everything at face value, and even with Otome and Yume pouring out all their love for him, he merely does his seemingly empty smiles.

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July 8th, 2008 at 7:01 pm

Yoshiyuki definitely doesn’t compare to Juniichi since he lacks that charm of being an ass so to speak. He’s more of the type that would see it happen before his eyes and doesn’t seem to do anything at all. Its a shame really as Yoshiyuki’s character was more rounded in the game as well. Yes the romantic element is lost at the end, but I truly could not pick between either sister. Each have their good points and each hold the same loving values for Yoshiyuki but since they were more of a family since the beginning, I do find this ending to be satisfactory.

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