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So the effects of the sakura tree’s powers are already starting to wear off and it’s happening at a rather fast rate. Throughout the series we did get the story of Anzu making a wish to the sakura tree about her memory and it seems that it’s already worn off, but the major issue here is Yoshiyuki’s disappearance. The path of being forgotten by those around you is definitely the most painful of all than just simply disappearing and for Yoshiyuki, it feels as if his bonds were breaking apart one by one, and only one person is always there for him, Yume.


I must certainly say that Yume has had a huge transformation over the course of the series where we’ve seen her become very Nemu like with her tsundere character, but now that things have taken a turn for the worst, she has thrown all of that away and become who she really is. Her will and optimisim to stay by Yoshiyuki’s side is admirable even though she knows what is going to happen. But what I like best about her so far is how she decides not to discuss the fact that Yoshiyuki is going to disappear and that she just sticks by him. Where as in Otome, having withered the tree herself, is still avoiding Yoshiyuki. Even though she is trying to find a way to save Yoshiyuki, by not being with him is causing him more pain than being forgotten.

The bonds of a family is much deeper than the bonds of friends, and Yume probably understands that very well. By saying that she won’t regret spending time with Yoshiyuki means that she cherishes that bond. That isn’t to say that Otome doesn’t cherish that bond either, but she’s going about it the wrong way. So now that everyone has forgotten about Yoshiyuki, it seems that Yoshiyuki has finally given in and is now getting ready to leave. There’s still the issue of the dream of him and Yume on the rooftop which I’m guessing we’ll see in the next episode.

And OMG, Nanka finally makes an appearance after being absent since the start of Second Season. They should make an OVA for Da Capo II just for Nanaka as she really gets the raw end of the deal in both seasons.

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July 1st, 2008 at 12:36 am

Haha, someone needs to die real soon so I can watch this :D

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