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Wow, so Naoki now has some kind of direction in life. That’s quite a turn about though I wonder if that has anything to do with last episode when Kotoko suggested that Naoki become a doctor. So we do see signs that Kotoko is indeed making changes to Naoki’s life and in a positive way. Though it certainly has taken him a long time to figure out what to do with his life as I believe that if you don’t know what you want to do when entering univeristy or college, then you’re just setting yourself back. But thats just me.


Once again, aanother HUGE timeskip and it’s at least 6 months. So Naoki makes it into the Medical Department but it’s spring break time and he goes to do work?? That doesn’t sound like him at all. But of all places he goes to a resort? Anyway Kotoko and Yuuki happen to find him there and stay which is rather strange since he’s supposed to be working. Plot holes aside, we see a new interesting development and that is Yuuki. Normally he wouldn’t be so nice to Kotoko, but this time we see a small vibe. Is it because that she saved his life or is he growing to like Kotoko? Also how cute is Yuuko’s sister. Imoutos are the f**cking best. Kin-chan’s appearance this episode makes him out to be a stalker, though I’m sure his antics will probably escalate later on.

Well Naoki has made his stand with his father about becoming a doctor, and now Naoki’s father is probably suffering from a heart attack. How ironic is that? Well I’msure his father will accept Naoki becoming a doctor instead of taking over his company, whatever that is. Next episode Naoki is going to a marriage interview which is rather strange considering that his parents want him to marry Kotoko.


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June 29th, 2008 at 9:30 am

>>Imoutos are the f**cking best

Depends what they’re like, really.

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