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So much Otome drama that I don’t know whether to be pissed off or sad, lol. Though I knew that Otome avoiding Yoshiyuki was coming but in the game it’s all from Yoshiyuki’s point of view, but in the anime it’s from Otome’s. It does put things in a different perspective so we can see the pain that Otome has to face. Though by her avoiding Yoshiyuki really isn’t doing anything as the struggle to decide what path to take only gets harder. Also Otome’s voice seemed to have changed somewhat.


But with Otome now avoiding Yoshiyuki, Yume has has also changed in her attitude and she’s actually being the cute imouto that she is. Though her change in attitude is indeed rather sudden but I’m sure we’ll see the explaination behind that soon enough so I guess for the time being she won’t have much of a role until Otome’s avoidance of Yoshiyuki is resolved or when Yoshiyuki is close to disappearing.

Junnichi played one last role and to sacrifice himself for his two grand-daughters is very admirable. But somehow it weakens the resolve that Sakura made in sacrificing herself to stop the tree from granting bad wishes. It’s rather strange as I don’t ever recall that happening in the game at all but it certainly does place a lot more burden upon Otome as she really has only one choice if she wants to stop the bad wishes being granted. I should really catch up as I’m sure the next few episodes will be the best of the series.

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June 19th, 2008 at 10:36 pm

Juunichi may have just redeemed himself for the Second Season of Da Capo – well he would’ve if he managed to stop the sinister sakura tree. I’m both glad and sad to see that these recent episodes have been able to trace back what made Da Capo ‘magical’ back in its first season. There’s a lot more impact this time around than just robot ethics at stake thankfully.

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