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Now Kotoko is pretty damn stupid for joining the tennis club because of Naoki, so her getting the racket imprinted on her face is what she deserved. But really, I don’t think anyone would have a racket imprint on their face for that long, and to top it off, Kotoko found out that Naoki doesn’t even need to be at the tennis club. Though I’ll be expecting some development between Yuko and Kotoko rivalry when Naoki isn’t there.


Seeing Sudo go all crazy from holding a racket reminds me of Kawamura from Prince of Tennis. Now if only Sudo started yelling out “BURNING” then that would have been awesome. His infatuation with Yuko is a little creepy since he gives off that older guy vibe especially with that mustache of his and how he stalked Yuko to the cinema. I really thought he was a teacher when he appeared last episode.Though him and Kotoko pairing up to keep an eye on the two was amusing but does get old pretty quick.

This must be the first time that Naoki has become straightforward and honest with Kotoko. The kiss doesn’t count since he still did it in a jackass kind of way, but it’s good to see he does consider being with Kotoko a good thing and that he doesn’t hate her. Guess that’s also the partial reason why he decided to go the same college as Kotoko. But with such a great development, it seems like it may end sooner now that Kotoko’s dad is considering them moving out of the Irie household. So I wonder what Kotoko will do to keep Naoki close to her.


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June 15th, 2008 at 7:24 pm

Sudo senpai is creepy. Yuko is a b*tch. Most of the side characters are rather meh (besides Irie’s mom XD). This is definitely one of the rare shows where I’m not too distracted by the side characters like I’m apt to and instead focus on the main character developments as should be. Which makes Itazura na Kiss a definite keeper in my books

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