To Love-Ru – 06

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Wow, finally some more alien characters turning up. Although this is one of the more lamer characters to show up as it’s almost like a monster/alien of the week kind of thing, which is something we’ll see over the next few episodes. So in essence, this is really a filler episode, despite being in the manga. Although I thought Ghi Bree actually had tentacles coming from his body rather than it being controlled by some machine.


Still plenty of humourous moments such as Lala chasing Rito around wanting to discet him, and how Saruyama wanted Lala to discet him place of Rito. Still I must say that this series has certainly being upping the fanservice quite a bit, but at least I find it more tasteful than say Kanokon. However this episode most of it was on Haruna getting tentacle raped by Ghi Bree but it was bound to happen since this series has aliens. Speaking of Haruna, it’s nice to see the little hints of her being concerned of the relationship being developed between Rito and Lala. I just hope that the friendship relation between Rito and Haruna develop more as Haruna really doesn’t get a lot of screen time.

I was surprised that Rito got pretty angry and stood up against Ghi Bree. But that’s probably only when something happens to Haruna. Anyway next episode is an all-time favourite character that’s being introduced. So looking forward to this one.


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May 21st, 2008 at 6:28 am

Yes Haruna needs more screen time, and no more tentacle-raping her >:(! TDOMJ says no.

The next episode is hilarious. Look forward to it ;).

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The P-Meister

May 25th, 2008 at 11:04 am

there are ecchi games that give haruna plenty of screen time… =P

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