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Japanese students must have it pretty tough to be going through exams and Valentine’s Day as well. Though it doesn’t surprise me that Naoki pretty much brushed everything off as if the days weren’t that special. Thankfully Kotoko is there to keep his life all that much interesting, as well as supplying us with plenty of laughs. But it was also Kotoko’s influence that made him not take the exam for Tokyo University, yet it seems just like Kotoko to get appendicitis just as Naoki was going for his exam. I really thought it was the chocolate she made.


Naoki’s choice to goto the same university as Kotoko is certainly strange and makes you wonder if he really is doing it for himself or he’s doing it to be with Kotoko. He’s still too much of a bastard for me to figure that one out but we’re under the impression that he’s doing it for himself first. But since they’ll be attending the same university, I can see much chemistry brewing in regards to their relationship. But I guess we could see a bit of improvement as this was the first time he called out Kotoko by her first name. Not to mention that he was probably worried about her and didn’t take the exam to make sure she was alright.

Still, even after 6 episodes, the show does seem to have gone through a lot already yet it doesn’t feel all that rushed now. Probably because I got used to the massive time jumps between episodes. But speaking of jump, looks like next episode takes another huge jump in which it looks like Naoki hits on Kotoko. But it also seems that animation has changed somewhat. Probably to reflect that they’re growing up?


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May 17th, 2008 at 7:42 am

This show is going at a fine pace. Awesome =D.

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