Itazura na Kiss – 05

May 8, 2008 | Author: | In: Anime Blogs, Itazura na Kiss

Now I know this is only an anime, but seeing how stupid everyone in a class can be is kind of ridiculous. I have some friends who were pretty stupid during high school but not to the point of where they couldn’t understand anything of a math problem. And my impression of a Japanese schooling system should be of a pretty high standard in terms of quality to ensure most people can see some kind of logic in the problem. That aside, the stupidity of the class did bring about some laughs. Especially stuff like Jinko’s little outburst and the whole class begging Kotoko to ask Naoki to tutor them.


Still I’m rather surprised that Naoki decided to tutor the class anyway. I’d seriously thought he’d be a prick and turn them all down, but with so many people begging him he couldn’t refuse. Though if Kotoko wasn’t around I guess he would’ve refused without a second thought. Although I’m not sure what kind of problems they were studying, but to solve them in 2 seconds is damn impressive, but being able to tutor a whole group is rather impressive upon itself. He’d make a pretty good teacher.

This episode I find a little underwhelmed since the pacing has gone by so fast where everyone was on final exams, and in the last 1/3 of the episode it covered pretty much Christmas. I’d thought we’d at least see an episode covering both Christmas and New Years as holiday events usually produce some pretty good story and character development. Next episode the start will probably cover New Years but I’m guessing we won’t see much development as next episode seems to focus on Naoki and Kotoko applying for university. At this pacing, I’m estimating they’ll be out of high school by episode 9 or 10. Hopefully we’ll see some major development before then.


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