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For a final episode, this didn’t really feel like a final episode with it’s unusual slow pacing, but given that most of the action was resolved last episode, this is more of a winding down of the series. Starting off with Rin and Tamaki’s little date to watch the Blade Braver movie. Oh man they should make a Blade Braver series or movie. It was pretty funny to see that Tamaki’s voice was dubbed over but more funny seeing the double starry eyes afterwards.


The introduction of Shinobu and Makoto and the girl at the very end facing off Tamaki were great and it leads up to the possibility of a sequel. To me it seems this mysterious girl is almost like Rin and Miyako combined together in terms of looks. A little surprising that Toyama and Iwase were Makoto and Shinobu’s older brothers, but it also came off as no surprise that Chiwa Saito was the seiyuu for Shinobu. I could easily tell that it was her voice.

But just as new characters are joining the fray, seems that others are also moving on with their lives. Dan being the club president was pretty awesome and Toraji coming back as their instructor was great as well. There was definitely a huge time skip between this episode and last episode but it shows that the club has been strong and everyone is moving on. Yoshikawa being pregnant with Kenzaburo being the father was also another surprise as I thought she had the hots for Toraji. Kirino was pure love this episode as well when she glomped Toraji, plus seeing her cry when she saw the mascot was awesome as well. Goes to show that Toraji never forgot about the kendo club when he was away.

So as the episode comes to an end, we see everyone for the last time and Tamaki meeting a mysterious beautiful girl that was talking to Rin. This just screams out for a sequel but I think it will be a while till we see a sequel. From what I read from other blogs, the anime is pretty close to where the manga is right now. Either way I would look forward to a sequel.

Final Impressions

From the first episode of Bamboo Blade, it was a really fun and enjoyable watch that I knew it was a series that I would continue to watch and that I should blog. I’m so glad that I did as I never really thought much about kendo, even having seen what it’s like in real life. But through the power of anime, it’s made me think that it’s a pretty cool sport to participate in. Of course I’m not going to go out straight away and join a club. Anyway Bamboo Blade has been one of those series that is both slice of life, but just general high school comedy as well, though it would be more of the later than the former.

We had many wonderful characters from the almighty Tama-chan, the positive Kirino, the double personailty Miyako, the clumsy Satori, and the energetic Sayako. Each have their traits and we all have our particular favourites. For me it would have to be Kirino for sure. Normally I’m not into the blonde characters in anime series, but she has proven to be the awesome captain of Muroe High School kendo club. And being paired with Sayako, they’re just the funniest pair of the entire show. Miyako and Dan were just as funny with their constant little lovey dovey moments. Most of the characters got a fair bit of development, but I feel that Satori is the one with the least amount. During her introduction, they made her out to be an awesome kendo swordsman but throughout the whole series we’ve never seen her do anything cool, even during proper matches. At some points in the series, I think they also focused too much on Miyako even though she is the one with more interesting stories.

Bamboo Blade was definitely a series that I undermined during the Autumn season preview, but now it has turned into one of my favourites that lasted me through the Christmas and New Year holidays. It’s definitely a series I would watch again for an easy, comedy type of show that also ignites my desire to visit one of those sentai shows you see in amusement parks. But it’s also a series where I’ll probably pick up the DVDs when I’m in Japan later this year.

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April 24th, 2008 at 1:57 pm

I agree that the last episode shows a promising sequel unless the anime was more off to be a promotional method for the manga. However, the series itself shows dedication on how the storyline should flow. It is one of the anime that has no sign of ecchi and romance where the plot creates more focus on character development and message of teamwork. Great anime for sentimental viewers.



January 8th, 2010 at 2:43 pm

well, the series itself was fun to watch and felt very promissing… there were a few times it felt a bit slow but not enough to make me stop watching it. Up to this post’s date, there are 93 chapters for the manga, so hopefully there will be a sequel cuz the characters are likeable and the ending does leave you wanting more (same with Saki – the mahjong themed anime). as long as they don’t stretch it out like the prince of tennis, nor reduce it like gatekeepers 21, it should work out…

anyway, yeah… I want more bamboo blade! :P

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