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If there is such thing as perfection in this world, then this final episode of ARIA is exactly that. So many things happened this episode which brought out so many emotions as we come to the end of the journey for Alicia, but start once again with Akari’s journey in becoming a prima and taking over the company. Although it was certainly a surprise to find that Alicia was also getting married, but thanks to a few fellow ARIA fans, I got spoiled about this many weeks ago. But it was nice to know that this wasn’t the end of the road for Alicia, but a new road and a new life.


Akari has certainly come a long way since she came to Aqua and she is truly a strong person. But this was definitely the first time that we’ve ever seen Akari cry and boy, I really felt like crying then as well. Her strength in believing she will be fine without Alicia is something to admire and shows she really is ready to take over ARIA Company. Alicia’s farewell ceremony was just beautiful and the snowing was the icing on the cake. It felt like Aqua was also saying thank you to Alicia as well (hazaukashi serifu kinshii!).

Seeing everyone once again towards the end and how they are progressing in their life was great as well. And although Alicia is no longer an undine, she still takes the time to visit Akari. But the perfect ending to this series has to be right at the end with Akari and Ai. We all could see Ai being Akari’s apprentice, especially with the dream that Akari had in the OVA. But what I loved best was how Akari was staring at Ai with a smile on her face. Akari really knows how to enjoy life, but I believe at this point she truly understood why Alicia was smiling back then and why she felt happy. It does come around in a circle with all the themes, but each time it’s always a new adventure, but it’s a shame that the adventure for Akari and all of us ends here.

Final Impressions

Two years ago I remember getting the first few episodes of ARIA The Animation from my good friend Roobar. I had no idea what it was and he told me it was about water. So I gave it a shot and instantly fell in love with the series since the first episode. There was something so captivating, something so pure that had made me come to appreciate this series so much, and as we learned more about the life of Akari and the world of Aqua, I began to realise what it is that makes ARIA that much more special. It’s the way it portrays the beauty of the life of one person, and the lives of others around her. I have seen other slice of life series, but nothing can compare to ARIA in character development, artstyle, and that overall warm fuzzy feeling you get after watching an episode.

When the third season was announced, I was truly excited, but it was also at that point that I realised that the ARIA fanbase was growing. Back in the days of ARIA The Animation and ARIA The Natural, hardly anyone was talking about it. Though I can understand that the slice of life genre isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but series like these are exactly the things I want to watch after a long day of work. But it is a shame that the series has now come to an end as I feel that we may never see something like ARIA again for a long time.

Although the slice of life aspect is only one part, the other part is the characters. Each character is very unique and the favourites keep changing after each episode. Before in ARIA The Natural, the pacing of character development felt really slow, which isn’t a bad thing, but with Origination, it had certainly picked up the pace and it brought us some excellent development. The soundtrack was also beautiful and hearing Makino Yui’s insert songs were just great. When they started playing Undine towards the end, all the memories of all the previous seasons came rushing in. The soundtrack is something I listen to often as a way to relax but also remind me of the many adventures of Neo-Venezia.

Many people have their list of favourite anime series of all time and I am no exception. Since the beginning of my otaku fandom, Toei’s Kanon has sat on top for the past 5 years and nothing else could take it’s place. But just like Jeff Lawson, ARIA has been promoted to a Prima and it now takes the number 1 spot on my favourites and I hope it will stay like that for many more years to come.

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April 6th, 2008 at 1:22 pm

“But this was definitely the first time that we’ve ever seen Akari cry”

Holy crap, I totally looked past that… also reminded me of the dream from the OVA. How awesome.

I can’t say I was one that watched the first Aria when it first came out, but I’m definitely one that has Aria close to the very top of my list. The entire series is unforgettable, and considered by many to be the definition of slice of life. Total masterpiece. I’m still in denial about it all being over.



April 6th, 2008 at 5:04 pm

I’ve watched ARIA since the beginning of it (ARIA the Animation). I really enjoy it also. When I saw Akari cried, I felt like crying also, and I’m not the type o cry over those kinds of things. ARIA is an anime full of emotions. It makes me laugh, smile, cry, etc. It’s the best slice of life anime I’ve ever watched!



April 7th, 2008 at 3:28 pm

i get how you all feel about the ending… and i guess adun says all… nothing else to say…
i really want to cry… for such a good ending and great anime and then.. it ends as well… but then.. like akari.. there is a new life =) i am lookng forward for the new work of amano kozue



April 8th, 2008 at 5:25 am

This episode, by far, was the best episode in all three ARIA seasons in my opinion. I thought I cried enough happy tears in episode 12, but the tears came on much harder in this episode. Seeing Akari cry for the first time brought tears to my eyes and then when you see her flashback to the times that she spent with Alicia and everyone else in the ARIA company house brought closure to the entire series. It’s sad to see ARIA come to an end, but the ending couldn’t have been any better.

I’m currently reading (slowly) the Japanese ARIA manga right now and I’m only on volume 3, but I have a feeling I’ll be crying again when I get to around volume 10-ish when Alice gets promoted and the end draws near.



April 8th, 2008 at 5:31 am

Oh, and you can’t forget to add Akitsuki to the mix. From the last two episodes, you can tell that he’s slowly falling for Akari. It was cute when he was having tea/coffee with her (with Aria Pokoteng on attached to his head no less) and he tells her that it’ll be okay if she goes with him to Ukijima sometimes. (^_^)

Also, is it just me or does Al look weird as a tall person? We never actually see him fully from the front, but from the back he looks weird already and I can’t imagine little Al being tall – he’s supposed to be small!! He’s a gnome (>_<)


Fisherman Horizon

April 9th, 2008 at 2:07 am

Guess…. ARIA merchandise will decrease in near future… otherwise or wallet will continue to shrink



April 9th, 2008 at 3:06 pm

totali: ARIA may end in media form, but shall live on forever in our hearts!

Eve: I usually don’t cry much over things that happen in anime, but ARIA is different in which not only did it make me cry, it made me think about a lot of other things, and it’s quite rare for a series that makes you really think deeply.

Pudding: I also look forward to Amano Kozue’s next work. Even though it won’t be like ARIA, but I’m sure we’ll see familiar elements to ARIA.

Lunatic_Sae: Seeing Akari cry for the first truly was a powerful scene and is something that’s etched into my heart. I would agree in some cases that this would have been the best episode, but I can’t forget the time when Akari said goodbye to her gondola as that was also quite a powerful scene.

I don’t think Al has gotten taller, it was probably due to the angle of the camera. But in reality he is actually quite short, not to mention he is older than Akatsuki and Woody, so I don’t think he would be able to grow any taller.

Fisherman Horizon: I don’t think ARIA merchandise will decrease any time soon, so I don’t think my wallet will get fatter anytime soon.


Myssa Rei

November 10th, 2008 at 10:45 am

It’s kind of sad that, due to by busy work schedule, I had to hold off finishing ARIA the Origination for several months… That, and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t afraid of seeing something so good end. Now that I’ve finally found the time, I found that the closure to the franchise wasn’t that bad… Bittersweet, and there were tears shed in the process, but not in sadness, but of happiness for such a great end.

Indeed, it completes the circle, with Akari now where Alicia was, and Ai-chan taking up her mantle as the undine-in-training. And life in Neo Venezia goes on…

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