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This had to be one of the most exciting episodes for Bamboo Blade as not only did we have some awesome matches, we also resolved the rivalry between characters. Miyako was the real hero this episode and I guess I was wrong about her not winning any matches throughout the series. Winning against Carrie in a match was one thing, but Miyako’s pride was certainly burning with passion as she wanted to defeat Carrie’s nitouryuu. But I’m a little underwhelmed how Miyako managed to knock Carrie’s shinai’s out of a random swing, but it’s still counted as a win, and it was because of the power of love! Also young Carrie was cute, ah how the young mind is easily influenced by television.


Reimi’s room I would say puts my room to shame, and that’s saying something, lol. Just seeing all the Miyako stuff in her room, I just couldn’t help laughing but I think the thing that would’ve topped it off was if Reimi started having nosebleeds or start drooling then and there. Satori was pretty cool this episode as well seeing how she helped Miyako so much in order for her to win against Carrie. But I find it rather to be a shame that we didn’t get to see her full potential since her first opponent was Tamaki. During her introduction into the series, they’ve made her out to be an awesome kendo swordsman but we’ve yet to see her do anything remotely cool.

Yuuji and Dan-kun’s match was good as well and Yuuji shows that he is a man with his pride as well. It was actually a good thing that the two bouted off at this point as Yuuki has recently been feeling rather down lately so seeing him regain his confidence was pretty cool. Tama-chan’s match with Rin I probably didn’t find as exciting since we kind of knew what was coming. The big thing from Tama-chan’s match was Toraji’s advice to Tama-chan about fending off the jodan stance. It was because of that advice Tama-chan was able to win with her tsuki, but it’s her signature Atomic Fire Blade attack!

With so much happening at once, the whole episode didn’t feel rushed at all and everyone got a bit of action,something that is usually pretty hard to do in action type episodes. Next episode will tie up the series and will probably be more along the lines of everyone moving on. Shame that the series is ending but I can’t see it going any further than this either.


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April 4th, 2008 at 1:49 pm

I really enjoyed this episode, especially when Miyako won the second time.

“Power of Love”

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