Clannad – 23 and After Story announced (this time, Clannad Visual Fanbook)

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With the past few episodes being slowish in pace and high in drama, it was time for the usual dose of comedic relief in the form of Mei-chan. The last time she appeared there wasn’t very much in terms of development, even though she is a side character. But this time around, we see the truth face of Mei-chan. Such a sly and scheming junior high school girl, yet she is just what every imouto loving otaku is asking for. Although all the little schemes that Mei-chan planned out for Nagisa you see in every other school based anime, I didn’t find it all that boring at all, but in fact was laughing quite a lot. Though I think this is because Nagisa is the one playing it out and way out of her character.


Of course this episode also focuses on Tomoya and Nagisa and the two coming closer together. It kind of makes up for the rushed confession from last episode as it certainly had a lot of cute moments with Nagisa. Having the girls gathered together and questioning Nagisa on the status of their relationship was awesome as well. Oh and seeing Kyou and Tomoyo having their little quarrel brings much smiles to my face. Still, I would prefer Kyou anytime over Tomoyo. Anyway Nagisa and Tomoya’s relationship has taken a step further now that Nagisa calls him “Tomoya-kun”.

Well plenty of laughs continue not only from Mei, but as well as Tomoya’s imagination of him and Sunohara and if there were any yaoi fangirls out there watching Clannad, I’m sure they would’ve been screaming for joy. I remember reading about this scene a few years ago and it’s so funny seeing it animated. So with this being an extra episode, I can see that episode 24 will also be an extra episode. Which is rather disappointing. I knew that the series had to go beyond 24 episodes to get into the better parts of Nagisa’s story, instead KyoAni seems to have ran out of time and rushed through to Nagisa’s story. So really, I consider the ending of the TV series to be at episode 22 and this and episode 24 will be there to appease the fans.

Merchandise of the Week

Well this will be the last item that I’ll show for a while, until we get an episode 24 or until After Story begins. Anyway here is the Clannad Visual Fanbook, and this was one of the first items I bought in Japan. Didn’t bother taking photos of the content since its the usual stuff you find in Visual Fanbooks. But the awesome thing about this compared to other Fanbooks is that it comes in a box to store it in. A great way to protect it.

Clannad After Story:

At the end of episode 23, we get a small preview that Clannad ~After Story~ is in production. So I’m guessing that we’ll be seeing this in the Summer season, which isn’t such a bad thing. Though I wonder if this is just an OVA or will go for 13 episodes. I’m hoping for 13 episodes as that way we can get some really deep development instead of having things rushed in say 6 episodes. Either way it’ll be interesting to see how exactly After Story is going to play out and it seems that the story of the girl and robot in the “Other World” also continues to play a role.

Despite being happy that After Story is being made, it still irks me that we could’ve had an entire 13 episodes purely on Nagisa’s story alone, where the remaining episodes from the TV series could have been used for Tomoyo and Kyou/Ryou. It just seems unfair that Fuko and Kotomi got 6-7 episodes each for their stories but Tomoyo and Kyou/Ryou was compacted into 2-3 episodes. Anyway I look forward to After Story and the continuation of Nagisa’s true story. But I can surely say that it’ll be quite tearful.

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March 31st, 2008 at 2:15 am


shit.. seems like the last scene of Tomoya and Ushio shows that it’ll be a bad ending =(




March 31st, 2008 at 5:31 am

Yeah it’s annoying how Kyou etc. got so little episodes >:(~ Nagisa kicked ass in this episode, and I can’t wait for the next season =D.



April 2nd, 2008 at 1:48 pm

CLANNAD is going to have season 2?!



April 2nd, 2008 at 2:35 pm

Aeldt: I prefer if it was a sad ending since Key’s works have always been pretty sad and usually enough to make one cry. Clannad I know can do exactly that so I really can’t wait to see how KyoAni are going to produce it.

blissmo: Not exactly a season 2, it’s more of a continuation story where it delves into the more dramatic aspects of Clannad.



April 6th, 2008 at 3:15 pm

What Tomoyo is better then Kyou in every way except for maybe cooking, and she’s good at that too!
Better fighter
Better personality (debatable)
More confident
More understanding
More popular
Better at sports
Perfect Wai-fu
More interesting route
Has a sequel
Is liked by the main author of Clannad

Not that I’m flaming Kyou I like her too!

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