Clannad – 22 (this time, a Clannad pillow)

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Yeah real life is events are starting to take my toll on my anime watching so I’m like a good week or so behind the usual stuff that I watch. Hopefully I can get through most of the stuff before the new season starts. Well this episode played out how I thought it would with Nagisa’s mind thinking about her parents giving up their dreams, and when it came to stage time, she broke down in tears. But the one thing that truly made this episode awesome was Akio’s outburst to Nagisa as we got so much emotion not only from Akio, but from Sanae and Tomoya as well. It once again brought up the theme of family and it couldn’t have come at a better time.


Nagisa’s play was done much better than I thought it would and the transition from Nagisa’s play to the”Other World” was done brilliantly. But it does give closure to the whole thing given the small build up we had of the “Other World” story that we’ve seen throughout the series, though I don’t believe that the story ends with the girl singing. It kind of ruins the mood, but damn it would’ve been funny to see Nagisa sing Dango Daikazoku at the end of the play.

This episode may seem to be a great way to end off the parts of the school festival and the play, but as an overall way to end the series it feels dry. Tomoya’s confession to Nagisa felt to have gone really fast and it was missing the impact like we saw with Yuuichi and Ayu in Kanon, and that scene was brilliant. Tomoya’s father making an appearance was rather sudden and it’s a shame that the series never worked on Tomoya’s side of things at all. But it was good to see that Tomoya still cares about his father in a roundabout way and that they still have a form of acknowledgment for each other.

It seems that this is the last episode and we have one more episode but it’s counted as an extra episode. I can’t say that I’m overly excited that the series has ended as it has since the most dramatic parts happen later down the track. Well I suppose an extra episode with some quirks won’t be such a bad thing.


Merchandise of the Week

Ah this item is truly something I will remember. I bought this way back in 2005 in my last Japan trip from Animate store. On our last day in Japan, my fellow companions and I decided to waste the rest of the day in Akihabara and do some final spending with the very little money that we had left. I just happened to have come across this pillow and knew I had to buy one.

The downside was that I just had enough money to purchase this, with some left over for the train back to Narita Airport as well as a small meal. But that small meal ended up being a cheeseburger from the airport’s McDonalds. Hopefully next time I won’t have to endure such a drastic thing.

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March 30th, 2008 at 5:56 pm

But would you have had it the other way — with plenty of money for a great meal in Japan but no Clannad pillow to take home and keep forever?

Of course not.

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