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March 30, 2008 | Author: | In: Anime Blogs, ARIA The Origination

Each and every episode of ARIA it’s always difficult to find the words to describe it, but with this episode it’s more so, so I’ll try my best. Every single part that happens throughout this episode weaves the overall feeling that this was indeed beautiful. Beautiful in the ways that we see Akari being very supportive and cheerful about Aika’s promotion to Prima, everyone’s support of Akari during her Prima exam, and even the way that Alicia took off Akari’s glove. However the most beautiful thing to me was Akari’s answer to her path for her future, and that is none other than ARIA Company. We’ve always knew that Akari loves Aqua and that she loves her life in Neo-Venezia, but by answering her future is ARIA Company demonstrates she truly loves ARIA Company and understands what the company is.


One thing for sure was that I didn’t expect they have Akari’s promotion to Prima as the second last episode as I thought we would be seeing Aika’s promotion. It’s a shame that we only saw her promotion at the start of this episode through the OP theme, but it was still beautiful in it’s own. With her title being Rozen Queen, it’s just so perfect just like Alice’s Orange Princess. Aika’s personality, being the heir to Himeya, but as well as being Akira’s apprentice, her title really sums up who she is. Akari’s title of Aquamarine seems very strange to me as I’m trying to figure out how it fits her.

Just hearing Makino Yui’s insert song really topped it off this episode. I can only hope we hear one more insert song from her in the next episode as the next episode is going to be the final episode. It saddens me greatly that such a great series is coming to an end, and I will most likely be crying at the end because of a number of reasons.


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March 31st, 2008 at 12:11 pm

akira’s crying expression is priceless

i really want to cry… seriously… aria is going to totally end now… just how could this be…
just one more episode… well i guess tat will be the last 2 chapter of the manga…
i reckon aquamarine is a good name… it kinda shows how akari is part of being neo venis and how she could make the whole city happy and stuff and stuff since aquamarine is believe to be a stone tat could give safe and happy trips



April 2nd, 2008 at 7:12 pm

My God, this episode broke down every bit of restraint I had from crying man tears. Teared up from beginning until the very end. :o(

And I think Akari’s moniker of Aquamarine might be representative of Akari’s embodiment of Neo-Venezia. I think that Akari represents everything that is Neo-Venezia and the planet Aqua as a whole, so she was given the title of Aquamarine – the color of the planet Aqua. Her title might be the mildest sounding of the three (Rozen Queen and Orange Princess), but it seems to be the most powerful. All in my opinion of course. Now off to watch the last episode.

Oh, and don’t forget that the first volume of Origination comes out at the end of this month Adun…gotta grab the first-press goodies (an artbox and a mousepad of some sort of Aria Pokoteng)!!



April 10th, 2008 at 8:35 am

I believe in one of the Aqua books, Alicia explains to Akari about why undine companies have cats with blue eys for presidents. She says something about Aquamarine being the goddess of he planet Aqua. I felt that Akari receiving the name Aquamarine shows that her love for the planet Aqua is all-encompassing. She seems to love everything in Aqua, and manages to find beauty in the smallest things.



October 17th, 2008 at 10:38 pm

I don’t know why people just recognize how wonderful ARIA series is by now….I’VE BEING A FANS SEVERAL YEARS AGO, even before the anime airing!

ARIA i’ts just wonderful…What Amy said it’s right. Aquamarin is goddes of Aqua, represent to why undine has blue-eyes cat, which it means of guardians too. Although Akari doesn’t have blue-eyes, she has an eyes of ‘Aquamarine’, whose manages to find any wonderfulness, even on the smallest thing.



February 10th, 2009 at 7:01 am

I love Akari so much, and Alicia’s speech was so nice. Aquamarine, my distant blue…

And I think Alice’s actual title is ‘Sunset Princess’ or ‘Twilight Princess’ isn’t it?

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