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Well it came to no surprise that Hirose had a mental breakdown and reverted to his younger self before his mother killed herself, but I found it more strange on how he perceived Hayami as his mother. I can’t really see the logic in that since he blames Hayami for his mother’s death, but then there really are no explanations for when people breakdown. What I expected before watching this episode was by some miracle Takuma would forgive Hayami and all is right with the world. But the way they make Takuma breakdown and with him and Hayami moving back to Tokyo was the better option. I would say this is the kind of story development I was looking for.


The whole Hayami getting hit by a train was something I actually didn’t expect. But in the end it was Hayami’s action that made Takuma regain his sight but also return to his normal self. I wouldn’t say it’s ironic that this event would help Takuma regain his sight, as it was the same type of event that made him lose it. But we do learn that Takuma’s mother never really commit suicide, but in fact saved him just like Hayami trying to save the boy chasing the ball.

Still a rather tragic event but all was eventually resolved in the end. The last few minutes of this episode we get to see everyone a bit grown up, yet funny how Yui looks rather the same. Maki and Hamaji having a kid I thought was pretty funny as Hamaji is still the lovely trap that he is. I knew that Otoha would make a return at the near end, but I was certainly surprised that she brought Hayami along with her. It truly was a big WTF, yet I’m inclined to say that this is a happy ending, but not something I’d expect.

Final Impressions

Ok I was rambling crap for this episode as most of my thoughts were on the final impressions. I can’t say that this series was spectacular in any sense given the rather shaky start it had and that most of the good stuff didn’t happen until episode 6 onwards. The crappy animation also didn’t help and it certainly isn’t ZEXECS style to have such bad quality. The only time I consider there was good animation was the silhouette in the opening sequence. But one thing ZEXECS is good at doing and has demonstrated in other series is bringing out the drama that you get from a renai based story. Although I wouldn’t say that H20 is as great as Moogy say it is, but I have to agree that the way the final episode played out was done really well.

Character wise I don’t find any of them to be particularly great with the exception of Hayami and Otoha. By far these two had the most character development as Hayami had the whole village against her but gradually being accepted by everyone thanks to Takuma. Otoha always had that sense of supernatural elements surrounding her and it kept me guessing her role in the overall story. Hotaru and Hinata’s story proved to be interesting as well as it ties in together with Otoha’s role yet it never made it clear what Takuma’s role was in the story.

Having seen the preview clip during the season preview, it stated that H20 would rock my soul. And has it? Not at all. Having seen so many renai/h-games turned anime it’s hard to get excited about something that follows suit, and if the start of the series is horrible, it even makes it that much harder. The series needed a certain twist and H20 had that, yet it just played out the wrong way until we got the good stuff. I was actually consider dropping the series but in fact I’m kind of glad I stuck through to the end, but that was thanks to curiosity to see if the series would get better, and it did.

One aspect that I liked in the series was mainly the OP and ED themes. The OP theme and the use of violins and flutes kind of reminds me of The Corrs style of music, and boy is that going back to the good old days. Other than that, H20 ~Footprints in the Sand~ is something that I’d forget about in a few weeks and it’s something I most likely won’t watch again. Personally I prefer to watch other series such as Da Capo, Canvas2, and MegaDere that ZEXECS also produced as it’s some of their better works.

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March 24th, 2008 at 3:52 pm

Yeah H2o ended up being really average. And indeed, a lot of parts were irrational. The series was like a crap burger – good on the top and bottom, but not so good in the middle.


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March 26th, 2008 at 6:08 am

The anime series was a big let down for me =( I really liked the manga series when it started being serialized in Mediaworks, either CompAce or CompTiq, the art was awesome and there was alot to develop character-wise.

Sadly, the final episode is just like u said, a big WTF. I do hope stuff i initially like won’t disappoint me like this again T.T I regret putting all my hopes into H20 (although i can still say that i like the art form on the manga and how SOME of the story unfolds).



July 27th, 2008 at 8:17 pm

I agree with your article almost completely every aspect of the series. There are some major flaws, but the twist ending was very well played out that it was more or less the ‘saving grace’ of the series. In the end, I consider this series to be actually a little above average as far as romance drama genre stuff is concerned. Being a big ‘plot person’, the ending certainly impressed me enough to convince me to overlook the poor animation and cringe-inducing fanservice.

I even agree with you on the OP and EDs. They’re some of the best I’ve heard actually. If you play in a band or even just an instrument, check out my ensemble transcription of Katayoku no Icarus hosted on http://www.ichigos.com =D

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