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Back in ARIA The NATURAL, we were always treated when an episode contains two stories, and now we finally get it in ARIA The ORIGINATION. The first half we have a Akira and Aika focused episode with Akira concerned about Aika’s feelings of Alice being promoted to Prima. In a master and apprentice relationship, usually the apprentice carries similar attributes to the master, but it’s also the task of the apprentice to exceed the master, and that is exactly what happened here. Akira thought that Aika would be just like her old self being depressed at others becoming a Prima before her, but Aika has shown that Alice’s double promotion has motivated her to try harder.


Seeing Akira remembering the past of her meeting Aika, but then seeing how Aika is so energetic shows that she truly is a strong person. I myself thought Aika would be depressed just like Akira was since Aika is perceived as the crybaby of the three apprentices, but it also shows that Aika has matured quite a bit over the series and I think Aika hearing Akira’s story in episode 5 helped her to mature to that next level. Also with Akira listing possible titles for Aika could possibly mean that her promotion to Prima may not be that far off. Again, I haven’t read any of the manga past Volume 10 so I don’t know if there were any develops to show that Aika would be the next to be promoted. The change in art style with Aika and Akira was very fitting when Aika realised what Akira has planned as it signifies change and is possibly a development point for Aika.

The second half we’re seeing a day with Alice as she does her Prima duties. I figured it was time that we see something like this as it was getting obvious that Alice was feeling rather lonely now that she doesn’t spend time with Akari and Aika. Seeing Alice express that she felt lonely was heart breaking on it’s on. It would definitely be harder on her given that she is also the youngest, but thankfully for Athena who noticed her struggle. I also loved how she didn’t say a word through the entire sequence as it shows that she is definitely supporting her all the way. The comic relief was also welcomed as a smaller break between Alice’s problem, and the girl’s resolution. But I sure would have been just as surprised as Alice if I ever saw all my friends like that.

So with the series coming ever so closer to the end, I really can’t tell what to expect from the series. We’ve had such huge developments this entire season but I’m willing to bet that we won’t be seeing the ending chapters of the manga as the ending for this season. Next episode is an Akari and Alicia focused episode so I can’t wait for it.


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March 24th, 2008 at 1:52 am

We’ve had such huge developments this entire season

Well said. The Animation and The Natural had parts that felt fillerish – they were still enjoyable but The Origination has got a momentum of character and story development that gives it that extra oomph.


magee ri

October 15th, 2008 at 1:58 pm

hello… can i request for some pictures of Alice from aria the Natural? if possible, i want the full body one.. cus i badly need em for cosplay.. thank u

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