Bamboo Blade – 23

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After their defeat at the tournament, it wasn’t surprising that everyone was feeling down, especially Miyako. After all her training she still couldn’t beat Carrie or even some of the other opponents she faced throughout the tournament. I still doubt that we’ll see Miyako win a match before the series ends as the next few episodes will be spent on the girls picking up their confidence again and start training once again.


Seeing Tama-chan revert back to her old self is rather strange. Of course there is the slight difference in which she is exerting herself more in kendo than before due to her loss to Rin. She really does hate to lose and you can definitely see it when she is sparing with Yuuji or other members of her father’s dojo. But seeing Tama-chan hand in a resignation notice for the kendo club came as a surprise as I thought Miyako would be the one to hand in a resignation. It just seems like she is going with what her father suggested rather than think about it herself, but perhaps this will reawaken Tama-chan and she’ll come back even better.

Kirino finally gets a taste of the bitter side of being a captain of the kendo club. I’m not exactly sure why she is hesitating about denying Toyama and Iwase as being kendo club members as it would make life for them all easier. Though it could be that Kirino feels as if lying about them would hurt her pride. Either way it’ll be interesting to see what answer she comes up with about this, as well as seeing Tama-chan and Miyako come back to the kendo club. Also Kirino is still the best. I just love how she can pull out a tea set out of nowhere.


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March 22nd, 2008 at 8:56 am

Also Kirino is still the best.

/me nods =3

I wonder what the ending will be like…

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