Clannad – 20 (this week, Clannad movie mousepad)

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If there is one thing I like about the Clannad TV series so far, it’s the developing relations between characters. But in this case, it’s the ever growing relationship between Tomoya and Nagisa. It certainly seems that Tomoya has adapted to living with the Furukawa’s but he knows that he still is an outsider. But of course he can’t help himself but help out Nagisa where she needs help and that requires becoming more involved with the family. I was certainly surprised that Akio decided to tell Tomoya about Nagisa, but I guess that means that Akio really trusts Tomoya.


What happened to Nagisa comes as no surprise, but it also explains how she’s been very weak since she was little. Her not remembering what happened feels somewhat tragic but it’s best that she doesn’t remember it clearly as Nagisa is already a weak-willed person, but to know she was the cause of her parents giving up their dreams would definitely be devastating. But knowing such things, we can also appreciate why the family is always so cheerful, and with that, it’s probably why now the Furukawa’s consider Tomoya to be part of the family, as it makes things much more cheerful. Sunohara wins big points this episode as well. He’s always been the butt of jokes, but when he wants to pull something serious, he does it well. Deep down I think Tomoya knew what he needed to do, but it only sinks in when someone like Sunohara tells him.

The story of the girl in the other world we finally see as the story that Nagisa remembers. But I still wonder what the significance of the story is to Nagisa’s story, and since I never played this far in the game, it’s all new to me. But given how late we’re into the series, I doubt we’ll get to see all of it, and that really irks me. But at least now the real story will begin.

Yukine truly is an awesome character, such a shame that she doesn’t get a lot of screentime. The charms that she teaches Sunohara and Tomoya are great, but what’s even better is they way she schemed Tomoya into doing the charm to further the relationship between him and Nagisa. Though when we saw Fuko be the first girl he bumps into, I thought “oh shit”. Luckily Tomoya is not only quick with his mouth, but also his brain and silenced her before anything else. Ever since Fuko made all these random appearances I’ve started to dislike her. But this week has changed slightly as Fuko is pretty cute when she doesn’t talk about starfish. Good work Tomoya!

Right now I have no idea what will happen in the next few episodes as it seems things have slowed down quite a bit. Damn I wish we had a Tomoyo and Kyou/Ryou arcs.


Merchandise of the Week

Continuing on with the Clannad movie merchandise trend, this is the last item I received from Windbell as well as the last movie related merchandise. A lovely mousepad that has three lovely ladies: Tomoyo, Nagisa, and Kyou.

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March 13th, 2008 at 3:41 am

I finally caught up with Clannad btw, and omg… it is extremely good! I expected this from Key’s works though. I’m seriously considering getting a Kyou figure now (Kyou fanboy).



March 13th, 2008 at 5:33 am

Indeed, Sunohara can be serious when he wants to. And when he tries to be funny, he’s hilarious. He’s one of the main reasons why I watch Clannad :P.

Yeah, Fuuko keeps appearing. They’re trying to keep everyone in the show, which lessens the impact of her concluding episode.

Nice mousepad. Nice episode. Nice one Yukine. Nagisa Saimoe :3.

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March 13th, 2008 at 8:10 am

AOforever1: You should get a Kyou figure, she’s the best!

M12: I really wished they stopped with the random Fuko appearances though. But hopefully she’ll appear less now that we’re moving deeper into the Nagisa story.

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