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Right after a little happy ending to last episode, we’re now delving into the more serious side of the story and start looking into the mystery behind Hayami and Takuma. We’ve seen why the town hates Hayami’s family so much, but we never knew why people didn’t want Takuma associating with Hayami. However it seems only the adults knew about the incident between the Hirose and Kohinata family, but I wonder if there is still a deeper meaning to why Takuma must not be together with Hayami.


Seeing Hayami trying to do regular chores was pretty funny. Guess she has been living out in the wild for quite sometime but the best part was her hunting for her food, mmm frog. But at least she knows how to cook and that she is more than happy to cook for Takuma. But once the truth came out, it just seems that everything they worked for and built up is starting to fall apart, but not only that, it also appears that Takuma is showing signs of reverting back to his blind state. My guess for Takuma being blind was due to the shock of his mother committing suicide, and it’s now the shock of Hayami’s family being the reason for his mother’s death that is causing him to go blind again.

Takuma’s treatment to Hayami is pretty harsh. Although he says that she has nothing to do with it, deep down he is probably blaming Hayami. Though I feel more sorry for Hayami as she doesn’t know whether she should be by Takuma’s side or just leave. Her choice so far has been to stay by his side, but I guess she finally snapped after Takuma’s little outburst. After all that, plus the amount of crap she was put through by the villagers, its understandable she wants to destroy the village. But at least we know why she was getting beaten up in the first few minutes of the first episode.

What I’m predicting now is that Takuma will revert back to being blind and the only person that can save him is Hayami. Of course he’ll have to over come the fact that Hayami’s family killed his mother but it’ll be interesting to see what happens. Actually it wouldn’t surprise me if Otoha returns to give advice to Takuma in the next few episodes. The series is starting to show it’s highlights and is getting more interesting. But that isn’t to say that this is a great show, it’s still far from it.

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March 10th, 2008 at 1:23 pm

I think Takuma is very confused right now, that’s why he seemingly mistreated Hayami. Anyway, I don’t mind if he ended up reverting to being blind. After all, that’s what he was like to start with. If he accepts being blind again, and Hayami stays with him, that’s a happy ending to me. Hinata’s grandpa needs to die.

Hayami saimoe :3.

H2O started with lots of potential, then the quality dropped. Now, it’s on the rise again. I wonder how it’s going to end. But yeah, can’t say it’s a great show after all that has happened.

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