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Wait, are my eyes deceiving me? Is the animation actually gotten that little bit better since the seris started? Either that or I’m going horribly blind (well I wear glasses so I’m halfway there), so it’s got me wondering if they saved most of the budget towards the end of the series. But my guess is that it’s only a one off thing given that this episode is where Takuma confesses to Hayami. After last week’s somewhat bizarre filler episode, it’s good to see that we’re progressing on with the story. I figured as much that Otoha would stick around rather than disappear for good, as it means her role in the story has finished and she’ll simply be watching over everyone now.


This episode has certainly brought out a lot of changes and it’s now clear that Takuma has feelings for Hayami. Though it’s not like we couldn’t see this a mile away, but personally I wish he went the harem path had have both Hayami and Hotaru. Best of both worlds! We also get some development on Takuma and his mother which could lead to the reason of why he was blind. It also appears that Hotaru’s grandfather still knows something in regards to Hayami and her family and possibly about Takuma as well. The bell that Takuma’s mother owned I noticed has a slight cut on the top and is a bit worn out. With Hotaru’s grandfather mentioning something about karma, I can only think that Hayami’s family and Takuma’s mother is somehow related, but knowing my guesses it’s probably all wrong.

Hayami sure is one touch chick, being able to bath in cold water like that. Though when you live out in the sticks you get used to it. The burning down of her home once again still shows that there are still some villagers who resent the Kohinatas still. I’m rather surprised that Hotaru’s grandfather didn’t take it any further during the meeting, though he probably realised it was arson anyway. Next episode seems to be a Hayami episode again, but focusing on her family. Perhaps we’ll finally get some proper answers to some of the earlier questions. Plus I wonder how well the other villagers will take Takuma dating Hayami.

Also best eyecatch so far. So manly!

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March 4th, 2008 at 5:52 am

Hayami wins =D! She kicks ass.

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Marco Milone

March 5th, 2008 at 10:56 pm

Good lighting!

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