Bamboo Blade – 21

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Well I think Tama-chan has finally meet her match, and possibly the one person that can defeat Tama-chan. Rin this episode has shown that she is very capable with a shinai and she held her ground quite well against Tama-chan. But it’s not just only in kendo, but possibly in her passion for Blade Braver as Rin has also shown how passionate she is about Shinaida. So it’ll be a pretty awesome match when the two meet again at the kendo tournament, but my guess is that Tama-chan has a good chance of losing to Rin. Rin also being a year older would have more experience than Tama-chan assuming they both started kendo around the same age.


The other awesome part of this episode was Tama-chan and Rin’s talk throughout the night above Blade Braver. Never in my life of being an otaku have ever stayed up late and talked so much about your #1 anime, though I probably never would as I suck at debating and I don’t really have an anime series where I could talk constantly about. But anyway, it would be totally awesome thing for Tama-chan to play a part in the series that they love the most and Rin sure was fired up about it.

Well this episode is building up to some better matches as it appears next episode we’re already at the kendo tournament. First up will probably be Miyako vs Carrie and hopefully Miyako can take her first win. Also I’m expecting so better animation out of the matches as this episode’s little bout between Rin and Tama-chan has taken a step up in quality. They probably placed a bit of the budget aside for the next few episodes. Oh and a twintail Tama-chan is fine too, but I also noted she said “ha hi” when accepting candy from Rin. Ah the influences of ARIA.


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March 4th, 2008 at 12:04 am

Cant wait to see >_<

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