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Oh man, so it’s finally happened. sola has been licensed, and by no other than Bandai Visual USA. Announced on ANN, I can only be both excited, yet also disappointed in this kind of news. I think it’s great that a series such as sola has been licensed, but the fact that it has been licensed by Bandai Visual USA is a different matter. Personally I’m not up to date on what happens in the US anime market since I live in Australia, but I do sense that something terrible will plague the series just like the Kanon 2006 dub.

The other thing for me as a consumer is whether they can compete with the Japanese DVD releases. Obviously from seeing what the Limited Edition versions of sola have to offer, I can say that I’m glad my hard earned dollars have gone to the Japanese releases. So all up, I’m hella excited about a US release of sola, but also have huge doubts of whether the release will be a hit or miss. If BV USA decide to go the track of releasing $30 for two episodes per disc, then I rather wait for a local Australian release by Madman.

In the meantime, BV USA have a placeholder site up for sola here. It also appears that the first volume won’t be out till the 10th June. Damn that’s a long way away. But more than anything, I’m eager for the release of the sola manga by Brocolli Books.

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February 27th, 2008 at 8:43 am

I believe the extras are the same as R2, a booklet and postcards. As for your fears of a terrible dub, Bandai Visual USA dubs few, if any of their releases, sola will be sub only. There will be five DVDs release, three episodes per disc (it will include the two DVD only episodes), and the retail price is set at $49 USD.



February 27th, 2008 at 8:55 am

Hey Adun,

Long time lurker of your site and only now I’ve actually posted something :o)

BVUSA released the DVD details for their release of sola today:

To summarize, the American release ($49.99 USD per disc) is getting 3 episodes a disc spread out across 5 discs. The first volume’s extras consists of:

-8 page full-color booklet
-4 character post cards
-double-sided cover with the RE and LE covers present on the R2JP release

So it seems like the American release is getting a comparable release to the Japanese R2 release, sans the character CDs present in each of the LE volumes, the beautiful digipaks, and the cute binder/folder thing to hold the character postcards [though the article does mention that you get a special gift if you order through (BVUSA’s homepage), which might just well be the binder for the postcards]. At $50.00 a disc, it seems like JP pricing as well, which makes me feel a little better about splurging on all 5 of the LE R2JP discs. I, for one, won’t be double dipping on this one, even if it does include a subtitle track.

As for the sola manga, I read a few of the early chapters through scans and it didn’t have the impact that the anime had. It might be because the anime came first and the manga second. Reading the manga after seeing the anime is a totally different experience from reading the manga first and seeing the anime second. I might take a look at it when it arrives here on American shores, but I’m not expecting much from it. (-_-’)

Aside from that, I love your site. I’ll try to make it a point to post more often instead of just lurking around your site.



February 27th, 2008 at 9:29 am

Damn, my long, initial reply didn’t get posted for some reason :o(

In any case, here’s the shortened one. Like Shavelle said before me, the extras are pretty much the same as the R2 LE release, sans the character CDs, the beautiful digipak cases, and the postcard holder that came with the first volume of the LE release (though, this article ( does mention that a special premium gift will be included if you order the first volume through, which might just be the postcard holder). At $49.99 a disc, it even feels like a JP release – which makes me feel better about splurging on the entire R2JP LE release. :o)

I doubt this show will be a hit in the US. The American anime market is currently in a horrible state as it is and trying to sell a niche title such as this one won’t help to improve that any. Then again, none of BVUSAs titles have been hits anyways. BVUSA is also releasing True Tears and Shigofumi in the next couple months and I doubt those will be hits either, though I’ll probably end up buying both series. Debating whether to import them from Japan or buy the domestic release – it all comes down to the extras that will be included with each release.

As for the sola manga, I read a few chapters through some scanlations and it seems to lack the impact that the anime had. Might take a look at it when it gets released here in America, but I’m not holding my breath on it =\



February 29th, 2008 at 12:42 am

Lunatic_sae: Thanks for posting on my blog, and I do hope you continue to do so.

Now it’s rather interesting to see that BVUSA is including such specials along with the US release of sola and it comes close as the R2 releases. The way I see it is a sign that BVUSA is trying to win the US market by offering the same things as the R2 releases. The plus side I see to this is the addition of the subtitled track, and that is close enough to make me want to purchase the US release. But like you, I’m still doubting whether to double dip and go ahead with the purchase but I shall wait and see what other people think of the initial release before doing so.

The manga at the start is pretty slow, but it’s just something I want to add to the collection of merchandise :P

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