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Now that was a bombshell they dropped on us. here I was thinking we’d see more into Hinata’s past and about her sister Hotaru, but we get something entirely different. My original theory was that Hotaru died because of Hayami’s family not treating her, much like what happened with Yui’s grandfather, but the fact that the real Hinata had died and Hotaru taking her place is much more interesting. This answers the question of why Hotaru’s grandfather is so strict with her and I guess why she is always shuddering in fear and the need to be a good girl.


Now that we know that Hinata is actually Hotaru, that brings about many other questions such as Otaha, who looks exactly like the real Hinata, but as well as the relationship between her and Takuma. Although we know that Otoha is from Hotaru’s picture book, it doesn’t give us an answer about Takuma being the “Promised One” and his role in everything. Still it also brings to question what is Otoha’s role in all of this since she is the spirit from Hotaru’s story, but the story appears to have not much significance in the series storyline. But for now, Hotaru has now revealed her true identity to everyone, but everyone seems to take it quite well, which isn’t such a bad thing as they’re all friends, but I can only imagine what her grandfather will have in stall for her, assuming he decides to punish her.

As for Hotaru, I still like her character and now hopefully she will start acting differently now that everyone knows her true identity. At this point she’s probably moved away from the whole yandere aura that we saw back in episode 3, though whether her feelings for Takuma are real is a separate issue. But Hotaru as Hotaru, I still like her compared to her sister as one, she’s more “well-developed” in particular areas (well I am male after all, lol), and two, I’m a sucker for girls with long hair.

Also it’s rather strange how everyone is now starting to get along with Hayami so fast. I still figured that most people would still be hostile to her, but that is probably because Yui doesn’t pick on her anymore. Guess it shows how much of an influence Yui has on the rest of the student body. Anyway the next episode focuses on Otoha, though I’m still predicting she is Hinata, but the burning thought that she’s only a character from Hotaru’s story is what makes me think otherwise. Right now H20 has perked my interest more than before so I do look forward to the next episode.

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February 18th, 2008 at 9:59 pm

Yeah I must admit the Hotaru/Hinata story is pretty refreshing. Sigh, and I can never look at Hamaji the same way again…

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