Clannad – 14 (this week, a scenary photography doujin)

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A bit behind in the anime watching due to some things happening at work that required my full attention but hooray for long weekend! Continuing on from last episode, Tomoya still continues to do the garden work with the help of Nagisa, Kyou and Ryou. I like how they’ve all become so close at the start of the series, and now Kotomi is a part of that close circle of friends. Anyway this episode is focused on Tomoya and Kotomi’s past when they were kids and it answers a lot of questions of what happened in the past. I always find it strange how the main harem leads tend to remember everything in their dreams, the same thing happened with Yuuichi in Kanon.


If there is anything I didn’t like in the resolve of the Kotomi arc is the way she came out of her house to see Tomoya. Personally I was hoping to see something a bit more dramatic in that part, yet she comes out and accepts everything whole heartedly. But I think the thing that made her come out was the realisation that Tomoya now remembers everything about Kotomi, and she has that one and only friend she met a long time ago, but now she has even more friends. Also from the looks of things, Kotomi is going to be staying around rather than being taken out of the picture like I was speculating, which itself is a good thing. I really don’t like when a character’s arc is finished and they disappear for the rest of the series.

The story of how the bear traveled around the world, being passed onto various people I found to be rather magical, yet touching as well. It has been a number of years since Kotomi’s parents had died, but their feelings were still alive with the transportation of the bear until it finally reached her and I loved how Kotomi welcomed her parents home when she received the bear. The sequence of various locations and use of different languages was also nice, and it reinforces the fact that the bear has traveled a long way to reach Kotomi. But I did find it a little distracting trying to figure out the different languages being spoken.

So this marks the end of the Kotomi arc. From what I have seen so far, I can’t really say if the Kotomi arc was better than the Fuko arc. Kotomi’s story was very simple as well as the development of her Kotomi as a character as well. Of course things really didn’t kick in till episode 12 so her whole arc went by pretty quick. I was hoping that there would be times where I would cry over the Kotomi arc, but I never got any of that as a lot of things didn’t have such a huge impact. But in the end I still love Kotomi’s arc as it itself was very simple, and sometimes even the simplest of stories can be some of the best stories. Even so Kotomi now ranks second out of the Clannad girls that I like, Kyou of course being the first. But now that we’re moving onto the next arc, I hope Kotomi now plays a part in the circle of friends.

Next episode appears to focus on Sunohara, which seems rather odd seeing how we’re already halfway through the series, yet we still have 3 girls to go through. Unless they decide to combine arcs which will be rather interesting to see.


Merchandise of the Week

Well it’s not really a doujin, but more of an information book on the real life locations that the places seen in Clannad are based on. Of course it doesn’t just have the locations for Clannad, it also has other places like the train station, and the fountain from Kanon. It’s actually pretty detailed in which there are directions to how to get to that particular location as well. Picked this up at Comiket 69.

The second picture above is an example and it shows the front of the school as seen in Clannad. Perhaps I should attempt to translate this so I can visit these places on my Japan trip later this year, assuming they are close to where I’ll be staying.

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January 27th, 2008 at 9:44 am

long forgotten childhood promise that remind me of Kanon.



January 27th, 2008 at 10:28 am

Cool, I had no idea Kanon and Clannad used actual locations in Japan. Looks like Kyoto Animation is doing that alot lately. I went to the Washinomiya Shrine (Lucky Star) yesterday and its a trip to walk through actual anime locations in real life.

I really enjoyed Kotomi-chans character arc but I still feel that Fukos was better. For Fukos arc I actually teared up a little bit lol.



January 28th, 2008 at 10:00 pm

Yeah, what Punynari said. I thought Fuko’s arc moved me more, too. Anyway, a nice and detailed review!



June 13th, 2008 at 11:45 am

I know this is quite an old article but I thought you might find use of the information I’ve found, seeing as your heading to Japan shortly.

I can’t read Japanese but I bablefished it.

It talks about all the Kanon, Clannad, and Air locations that Kyoto Animation based their anime on. I might check out the fountain seen from Kanon since its not far from where I’m stationed. It might be just a coincidence that the fountain looks similar to the anime though….

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