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Well this was certainly a change in pace and character. Hinata has decided to make her move onto Takuma in anyway possible in hopes to keep him away from Hayami. It definitely didn’t seem like something that Hinata would do, but it appears that she has her reasons for doing so and it’s most likely to do with her family and Takuma being the “Destined One”. But I would like to think that Hinata is also doing this on her own accord and if she does harbour some feelings for Takuma, I can see her turning into the yandere type. In the mean time she has the lead now that she has kissed Takuma in front of Hayami.


Hayami also wins points this episode as she’s warming up to Takuma, but as well that she won’t let Hinata take Takuma all for herself. So the two used to be best friends, and now they’re both fighting for the one man which will hopefully bring some most welcomed drama into the series. This episode also reveals a few things about the two girls and it seems that Hayami and her parents were always hated by the town, even to the point of having their house burnt down. It still doesn’t explain why the towns people hate Hayami but I get the feeling it may have something to do with Hinata’s little sister. Even if it doesn’t there better be a good damn reason.

Animation this week seems to have improved slightly but it’s still pretty crap in some parts. I also noticed that the silhouette in the OP this week has changed to Hinata. So I’m guessing it’ll change when we focus on a different character. Next episode’s title is Hamaji, so I’m assuming it’ll be focusing on her. Though how her and the other girls fit into the story is rather questionable and I can’t see it be all that interesting. However I have read around that Hamaji is a trap, so let’s see how this plays out. Also that eyecatch of Hinata is probably the best part of this episode, lol.

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January 20th, 2008 at 9:24 pm

I loved that eyecatch too. It was very…. Otoboku. :)

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January 20th, 2008 at 9:48 pm

The H2O eyecatches have been hilarious so far. The chibi scenes after the ED are also great. Especially the one in this episode!

I hope Hayami won’t turn into a yandere. She was really cute in this episode, waiting for Hirose and all :3. I’m not liking Hinata’s family very much right now. Yes, the animation is crap at some parts. I’m not sure if the sihouette will change to Hamaji, since the main characters are Hayami and Hinata. But then again, it doesn’t really matter.

Nice review.



January 23rd, 2008 at 12:01 am

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