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Wow it feels so long since I lasted watched an episode of Sketchbook, and watching an episode makes me remember why this is such a soothing series. This episode, Kasugano-sensei takes them out for another trip, but this time it’s only a little further from the school grounds. With the season being Autumn, there is sure a variety of things to see and Sora notices all these little things as she always does with everyone else. Too bad I don’t take notice of these kind of things since Autumn here is rather dull and you rarely get that mixtures of green, brown, orange and red.


The first half of this episode felt rather slow, but pacing is not something Sketchbook is worried about, but this episode had a lot of Negishi’s awesome reactions. I wonder if Negishi is afraid of dogs or something since he didn’t want to touch the dogs paw. The second half is where the episode picked up with the camera girl, who just so happens to be Negishi’s little sister, Minamo. Surprisingly the two don’t look similar at all, but she did seem to be more mature than in the previous episodes that we saw her in. And it’s funny how people think of her as an elementary schooler than a middle schooler, as I had the same impression as well when she appeared in the first episode.

Interesting as well as this episode, both Sora and Minamo both experience the different arts. Last time they met, they saw how their respective art forms differ from their own, but to actually experience it is on a different level. Well you can’t really describe what each art style is like unless you experience it for yourself, but we can see from their reactions that they both appreciate the different styles, and that has brought them closer together as friends, and friends is a recurring theme throughout Sketchbook. So now that Minamo has been introduced to the rest of the class, the group of friends has just gotten bigger.

That dog is also awesomely cute, but I loved Hazuki’s deredere mode when she’s hugging the dog. Next episod, Sora appears to get sick and we also get another another Neko Neko day. But Part 3? Did I miss Part 2 somewhere? Oh well, no matter.


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January 8th, 2008 at 11:43 pm

Well, notice that in Negishi-sempai’s bio dogs are among his dislikes – could be a full-out fear.

I think one of the really big recurring themes in Sketchbook is perspective – two people can look at the same thing and yet see something completely different. In this episode they showed that even a single person, with a change of circumstances, can have a different perspective on things.

As for “ねこねこ Part 3″, I suspect they may be counting Episode 7 (“On a September day”, when Kate and Buchi are introduced) as part 2.

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