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After such a beautiful ending to the Fuko arc, I was wondering how they were going to go from her arc onto Kotomi’s arc, but KyoAni have done a wonderful job on moving the series forward. At the start, we get the usual warm and friendly welcomes in the morning, but it’s nice to see that Tomoya is still calling Nagisa by her first name. Although they have forgotten about Fuko, thye haven’t forgotten their feelings for Fuko at all, which is a nice touch. Still, I wonder if we’ll see Fuko make another appearance towards the end of the series, much like Makoto when she appeared in the end of Kanon.


To be honest, I never really knew much about Kotomi even back in the days of playing Clannad, however I’m totally swooned by her cuteness through this entire episode. Just the little things that she does such as hiding behind Tomoya, asking if she’ll get bullied, to her shocked expressio and even her embarrassed expressions, each little thing makes her so damn cute. And so with the help of Tomoya, she has become friends with Kyou, Ryou, Nagisa, and even Tomoyo (yet she was in her bear costume) so I can see that everyone will start becoming closer as friends and spend some time together. Speaking of getting closer together, as if this scene didn’t melt your love for all things moé. Really does make you think if Kyou isn’t a lesbian or not.

Speaking of Kyou, she certainly has had a lot of screen time this episode and it appears that we are getting hints now and then of her storyline as well as Ryou. We can see now that Kyou is trying to set Ryou up with Tomoya, though I don’t think we’ll see anything build up for a while since the focus is on Kotomi, and Tomoya will probably spend more time with Kotomi for the next few episodes. Still, there is a long time till we start to see anything from Kyou’s or Ryou storyline, so in the mean time, we can enjoy all the Kotomi goodness.

Throughout the episode, we sure got a lot of hints about Kotomi’s storyline, but the main theme for her here is making friends. But there also appears to be many other issues such as her playing the violin, something about her relationship with her parents, and her love for cuddle cute bears. Now that we know that Kotomi’s parents are pretty famous, kind gives the feeling that Kotomi is almost like a princess, and with the mysterious man at the end of the episode, shows that Kotomi could be under a watchful eye.

I’m hoping to catch up on all of Clannad before I return to work as really, I need a good dose of Kotomi and Kyou scenes before returning to the daily grind. As for the merchandise of the week, I’ll start that either next episode or the one after.


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December 30th, 2007 at 4:54 pm

Nice recap. Yeah Kyou is getting a lot of screen time. Hopefully her arc will be next. She is awesome =D.

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