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This past Autumn season of anime has somewhat been little dry with anything that makes me enjoy an anime episode SO much, that it’d give me goosebumps. Sure enough there was the Nanaka episode of Da Capo II, but that’s more of my moé sensors going off. No I’m talking about something that hits me much more than just the usual moé doses that I’m so used to, something that makes me appreciate how the story is unfolding and then BAM, hits us with something that is shocking, yet tasteful. And the second half of this episode delivers just that.


ef thus far I’ve enjoyed greatly due to the artistic and abstract was of portraying concepts as the story unfolds, but seeing Miyako’s gradual mental breakdown has taken that to a whole new level such that I would consider it a work of art. We take a step back in time and have a glimpse at the turning point of Miyako’s life, but what I liked about this part was that it was animated just like a child’s drawings. It emphasizes the innocence of a child and by going back to regular animation, it reflects the harshness that is the adult world. Of course, this is only a prelude of what was to come. The phone messages just started off normal, but eventually became a journey to despair and insecurity. It was hearing Miyako’s tone of voice is what shook me the most and it gave me goosebumps. The idea of Miyako disappearing from Hiro’s heart is a frightening thing for her, and from this point on, I get the feeling that she may feel a bit more desperate in keeping Hiro. But what I do find slightly confusing is Miyako’s interpretation of Hiro being the sounds of her world. Is it a way to say she loves him or something more?

By the end of this episode, and the same with the last, we get the overall feeling that Kei is the bad person in this love triangle. I can only imagine what will happen if Miyako finds out that Kei was the one who deleted those messages from Hiro’s phone. Hiro being in the dark with things probably won’t notice anything until it’s too late, but I don’t expect anything bad like in School Days, and that he will hopefully solved this by choosing one of the girls.

Switching to the Chihiro and Renji side of things, I didn’t expect Renji to be experiencing doubt, but it all links to the story that Chihiro is writing, and the understanding of interpretation. Personally I’m a little stumped on how the Chihiro and Renji story has played out this episode and I’m not exactly sure what is going on anymore. The words that God is playing with the girl in the story, and how the girl is God on the island, I’m under the impression that Renji interpreted that Chihiro is the one that is playing with him since he describes how her expression doesn’t change. But I have to say, the portrayal of his uneasiness is definitely different to his character, and it was very surprising. But in the end, the Chihiro and Renji development can’t beat Miyako’s one this episode.

Now that ef has gotten to a major development point, it has certainly made me more excited about the series and I want to catch up as fast as I can. I pray that I can do it before Christmas.

Ending Sequence 4

ED4: “I’m here” by Taguchi Hiroko

A very befitting ending to reflect on the traumas that Miyako is/was experiencing. So far the soundtrack to ef I’m finding to be very impressive and that it incorporates the feeling of the show with it’s dark overtones.

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December 12th, 2007 at 5:57 pm

Well this hm let’s said one of the most shocking or don’t have words for it. I’ve watch it (the whole one) about 3 times and the part with Miyako messages at least 10 times. it’s really master piece. I want Miako Action Figure badly :D.

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