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There’s something about the foreign student in school based animes that make them so awesome, like Ana from Ichigo Mashimaro, Eri from School Rumble, or Remi from To Heart. Now we have Kate from Sketchbook. Her addition to the cast of characters is a most welcome one as she brings in plenty of laughs into this series. Though I never saw Sketchbook as a series that would include a lot of humour, but even with the addition of Kate, it raises the humour only enough to not divert the series from what it is, a slice of life show.


Although most of the humour came from Kate’s understandings of Japanese and Japanese culture, but also because she was willingly accepting Ryo and Fuu’s explanations. But also we get a lot fo Natsumi screen time, which is nice as it gives the show variety rather than focusing on Sora the entire time, plus Natsumi’s reactions this episode were just funny. Especially when told by Kate her Japanese is weird. Nothing more shocking than being told that by a foreigner. However the fun doesn’t stop there. We also take a look at the cat world and how they meet a new cat in the neighbourhood. Although Mike couldn’t speak English, I don’t find it surprising that Haa-san could. Somewhat similar to hearing Sora speak the little English she did at the start and end of this episode.

With a foreigner being added to the show, I was expecting some pretty bad engrish, but I was certainly surprised at how well Goto Yuko spoke some fairly decent English, and most of it was correct in grammar. But if it’s one thing about foreign students in school based anime, thye are so well versed in Japanese, though there is still the learning curve about the Japanese culture itself, and that’s what makes seeing Kate interpreting the incorrect things so funny. Simply because a lot of us could probably relate to that. I was a little surprised to hear Buchi’s engrish, given that the seiyuu is Saiki Miho, who voiced Minami from BECK as she spoke some fairly decent English.

Overall a really enjoyable episode, but I think if I watched this raw, I would’ve missed most of the kanji and cultural reference jokes. Though I wished I watched this sooner, sucks being behind in stuff. Kate does seem rather short compared to the shot of her last episode, she looked much taller. But that doesn’t matter since she’s really cute, plus she has Persian cat named Buchi. What does that mean anyway? Next episode we’re focusing on two stories, one being on Ryo and Fuu, and the other is the camera girl we saw WAY back in the first episode.


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January 7th, 2008 at 10:25 pm

Heh. Loved this episode. I did a little Googling, and it looks like they were surprised at the name Buchi for two reasons: first, because it’s a common Japanese name for a cat (which seems to come from an old story) and secondly because it’s normally a name for tabby cats, so it would be unusual to give a fancy Persian cat such a common name.


Chris Hall

January 22nd, 2008 at 6:34 am

A really funny episode worth watching

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