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Wow, there was actually an episode where there was more screen time for the Hirono x Miyako x Kei story than the Chihiro and Renji side for once. Though I think the contributing factor for this was Kyousuke now being a part of the story. However it is still a battle between Kei and Miyako but at this point in time, it’s too hard to tell who is best suited for him and who has swayed him the most, but my bet is on Miyako.


In this episode, I would say Kei and Miyako had quite a development now that Kei has thrown down the gauntlet. Her declaration of taking Hiro away and making him forget about Miyako was pretty powerful, but I keep thinking back to what Miyako said on how Kei is showing her honesty in the wrong place. Although we can tell that Kei obviously loves Hirono, she still lacks the courage to confess to him, but trying to use the basketball game as a method to confess to him is a way to gather her courage. Although I doubt that Hirono would have turned up to the match as he appeared to have forgotten until Miyako reminded him. Still, the way that Kei spoke to Miyako almost seemed evil, but it goes to show how serious Kei has gotten and that she is willing to state that she will make Miyako disappear.

Miyako on the other hand has always seemed to not care much about any competition with Kei since she was really playing with Kei. However with the announcement of making her disappear from Hirono’s heart, that surely triggered something inside of her. Miyako’s past is starting to look interesting as to see what kind of trauma she has experienced because really, no girl can be that energetic and laid back. I believe it’s just front to hide up that something has happened to her. So now Miyako has become serious in not wanting to disappear from Hirono’s heart, even taking him away from attending Kei’s match. But one thing that is kind of worrying is the 99 messages left on Hirono’s phone, most likely from Miyako wondering where he is. I don’t expect Miyako to break down or anything just yet, but I’m willing to believe she will take some drastic measures to ensure she doesn’t lose Hirono.

Whilst Chihiro and Renji took a back seat this episode, we see an improvement in Chihiro’s isolated world in which her 13 hour reach was grasped by Renji. I think at this point we can see that Chihiro may in fact start recovering from her memory lose not just because of her feelings for Renji, but I think it’s more of a friendship basis and how she wishes not to forget about him after the 13 hour time frame. Also with Yuu, we find out he is waiting for someone, and I want to know who this someone is. Anyway with the halfway mark, ef – a tale of memories can only get more interesting, and hopefully we get to see the same kind of tension that we saw in the prologue.

Also to note, my 500th post!! BANZAI!!

Ending Sequence 3

ED: “Sora no Yume” by Yanase Natsumi

A new ending already, but I like having a different ending as they each reflect the girls, with this one having Chihiro as the focus. I can’t really say if I like it just yet since I’ve only heard it once, but the ending sequences are just brilliant.

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December 1st, 2007 at 8:16 pm

First look at that ep I was quite surprised story went too fast.In the original game watch Kei’s basketball game is a very late state of Miyako’s scenario.But in later ep story went complete original
Kei really did something(seems not intentionally)hurt Miyako.Some viwer are even watting for the “boat”

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