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So who would’ve thought that a school trip to the school would be different? Well from Sora’s point of view, it is different. Different in a way that most of us would perceive this as just a another day at school, but in fact, it’s a way to reflect back on the memories without the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. This episode we look back to the past and how Sora, Natsumi, and Hazuki ended up joining the art club and how they first met. Still I think it’s nice how the three girls were thinking back to that point in time, even though they were apart. Similar minds?


So far with the series, we haven’t really seen much of the whole art club spending time together, besides the festival, so it’s good to see how the various relationships are portrayed in this episode, but just like in real life, most people are usually separated into their own groups, yet we get a small glimpse of their respective groups. Though I found it pretty amusing how Ryo and Fuu have spent less time in the club room, and thus decided to stay inside. Though Kasugano-sensei is quite the character, being the only adult, she is quite childish. Then again, anyone who has a chicken sitting on their head, I’d be hard pressed to take them seriously.

So with a small glimmer into the past, I don’t think we’ll be seeing any more of those kind of scenes as Sketchbook really isn’t the kind of series that would reflect back on the past, as it’s more of the taking life as it is now type of series. But with the ending of this episode having a blonde girl in a sundress walking up to the school, it can only mean one thing. A new character. And from the looks of the preview, it’s a foreigner. Looks like she’ll spice things up in this series, not that it’s boring or anything. Plus a blonde girl in a sundress is so moé. Just to make a side note, does Sora kind of look like Tenma from School Rumble when she wears a beret and holding a paintbrush?


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November 29th, 2007 at 9:34 pm

Does Sora look like Tenma? More like, are they clones of each other?

Sora and Tenma in the same show would be neat. Like, if Tenma undid her hair, you couldn’t visually tell them apart, but their personaities are polar opposites (well, actually more like mirrored along the y-axis, because they’re equally harebrained).

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