Hayate no Gotoku! – 27

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Opening Sequence 2:

OP2: “Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi” by KOTOKO

A more fast paced song than the 1st OP, which is good since the opening sequence itself shows a bit of action happening. We’re also shown glimpses of some of the new characters that will be introduced in the second half of this series, but the most interesting one would be this one. I still wonder if that is the Himegami that was mentioned before, and does that mean Hayate will meet him eventually?


Initially I was worried that Hayate no Gotoku was going to continue on with the somewhat boring fillers, but with this being the start of the second half, it’s all fresh with a new OP, and ED, but this episode was just awesome. There was quite a bit of action in this episode, probably more so than most of the other recent episodes, and this one didn’t disappoint. With new characters added to the fray, it gives the show a bit more of a refreshing start for the second half as well, and such unique characters they are indeed. With Kuzuha and Shion, Hayate’s school life is going to get a little more interesting.

My god Hinagiku was smoking in this episode. Not only did she kick ass in her fight, but I find Hinagiku parodying Utena so fitting that they should do a spin-off with her as the main character. Even Kuzuha and Shion seems to have the hots for her now. Plus not to mention seeing her all embarrassed was rather cute. Anyway where also slightly introduced to two other members of the student council, though we don’t know their names yet, but I think their roles would be something similar to the other three members, and that is not much of a major role.

So now with Hayate’s turn for battle, I wonder how Klaus and Tama got involved in this. But then they probably just want to beat down Hayate. I can guess it’ll be a short fight between them, coz really, those two just can’t beat Hayate. But seems like Hayate will fight Himuro, which will be interesting since we only saw Hayate fight Nonohara before. Before I was contemplating on dropping Hayate no Gotoku, but with this fresh new start, I think I’ll continue on watching and blogging it.

Ending Sequence 3:

ED3: “Chasse” by Utatsuki Kaori

Another new ED to start off the second half, with this ending sequence focused on Nagi. I’m not sure whether I like it or not compared to the previous 2 ending themes, but it does give off the same mellowish feel. Though I wonder if there is any meaning to switching to a Nagi focused ending sequence, where the other two were of all the girls?


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March 19th, 2008 at 4:36 pm

off course it’s himegami, it has to be XD

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