Wangan Midnight – 06

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YES! A group has finally decided to pick up Wangan Midnight, so I’m back to my regular scheduled posting of Wangan Midnight. This episode, we finally see Kitami’s role in the series, but we’re also seeing Ishida being more involved now. I had a feeling that Ishida would ask Kitmai to tune his car, despite the stories that he heard about Kitami being the tuner from hell. He probably didn’t think too much of the dangers involved with Kitami’s tuning as he feels that he is going to die soon anyway.


Still I find it interesting in how Kitmai tunes his vehicles and make them insanely powerful. Now I only understand a few things about mechanics and cars, but he must do some serious tweaking of the engines to get the most performance out of them. But with the Devil Z being more special to him, just listening to him talk about how the Z has changed his life and how it brought him back to the world of cars, you can feel that he’s put all his effort into the Devil Z. Though I do wonder what his reason for not touching it again is.

Another interesting part is that Shima is seeking more power from his Porsche, and with Kitmai being a major character for the time being, I think Shima will ask Kitami to tune his car. Shima probably thinks he is falling behind the Devil Z and needs to do whatever he can do beat it. Eriko also makes another appearance, though I get the feeling she has a brother complex since she keeps seeing Akio, but now she is trying to get rid of the car, so can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode.

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