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This has to be the one episode that I probably would have been looking forward to, Nanaka’s introduction. Despite me thinking that we’ll be seeing a girl of the week scenario, it appears I was wrong. This whole episode was entirely focused on Koko and Yoshiyuki, which I don’t find to be too much of a bad thing, but Koko’s story is getting a little generic and boring. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Koko, in fact, I find her to be rather cute, including when I played the game. But in a harem, the childhood friend never wins. Though watching the anime, it does make me wish I bought the Koko figure….


Nanaka was pure love this entire episode. Every little thing she did, such as telling Yoshiyuki to call her “Na-na-ka”, the way she got the bread for Yoshiyuk, and how friendly she is with Koko. All of this kind of made up for the 10 seconds that she received at the start of the series, but I still crave for more! Still, Nanaka is no Kotori, and I still prefer Kotori over Nanaka anyday. But the one thing I hope is that Nanaka actually puts up a fight for her share of Yoshiyuki, but of course this could cause problems with her relationship with Koko, but that is the kind of drama I want from Da Capo II. But still, Nanaka is far from winning Yoshiyuki, as Yoshiyuki himself is focused on Koko, which is something I respect. He wasn’t swooned over by the school’s idol, or by a banana hating robot, or a double package of siscon, so I guess Anzu’s comment of him being a failure of a boyfriend hit him pretty hard. Still, it looks to be a long way away till we see Yoshiyuki and Koko breaking up.

With the third episode in, there is only one big disappointing factor. Animation. I really do wish it was better, and for something that is produced by FEEL, it’s not up to their standards. Obviously there’s more work being put into Koko since she is the lead girl for now, but just seeing Otome animated like that makes me cry waterfalls. The other thing is the voice acting. Having played the game, I still prefer the game voices than the anime as Otome’s voice is more assertive in the game (well she does have to look after her Ototo-kun). But still, it’s too early to tell how the series will pan out. There is still sometime left for some development of the other girls but I fear that things may get a little rushed towards the end, but as long as we get more Nanaka and Otome screen time, I’m happy.

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October 30th, 2007 at 11:08 pm

Adun, it’s still not too late to get hold of a Koko figure – HLJ has her in stock at the moment ;)

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